The lore & faerie tale of Wikiland and its noble and majestik King Jimbo I

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The Free Kingdom of Wikimedia a.k.a. Jimboland
Motto: The kingdom that anyone can edit
Anthem: Jose, Can You See?
Wikiland is located at Canada and a part of America
CapitalMeta (simulated) Tampon (real)
(formerly Wikicities, Wikipedia)
Largest cityEn
Official language(s)Wikiese
GovernmentLimited monarchy, formally consensus-driven federation
KingJimbo I
National Hero(es)King Jimbo I and The knights of the Round desk
some guy wearing a hat
ReligionUser-made [1]
Area1/5 hectare
Calling code945

The Free Kingdom of Wikimedia, informally known as Wikiland, is a secessionist entity, and aspirant nation, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. While it possesses very little physical territory – limited to eighty-nine servers at a co-location facility – it has attracted immigrants from all over the world, and cultural conflicts resulting from this are a major social problem. With a population of over 22⁄7[2] weirdos it is the largest nerd sanctuary in the world. Wikimedia is NOT WIKIA, although Wikia wishes they did own it.

While monarchy was popular in Wikiland, Socialism also dominated parts of the kingdom.

History[edit | edit source]

Main article: History of Wikiland

Wikipedia was founded in the late 1990s by Jimbo I as an alternative to the largely over-commercialized nations of that time. The capital was located at En, which has a certain degree of special status; in particular particularly naïve immigrants tend to arrive there. Evidence suggests that Jimbo I plagarised the idea of a Wikocratic nation from the Uncyclopedia page Wikocracy. He also had the cheek to name his country Wikiland. The King's residence was in En, which gave it certain political advantages. Owing to a influx of non-English-speaking immigrants, a series of small municipalities have been set up, most notably Fr, Es, Ja, and Zh. Most Wikipedians now live outside the capital.

Due to En being overcrowded, the King moved his residence to Wikimediafoundation, a small city built outside Wikipedia, which itself lost its independence and was assimilated as a stubkingdom into the Free Kingdom of Wikimedia, although it retains tight controls on editing freedom and citizenship, requiring co-option of existing citizens to join. Given that this is the government house, entrance is limited to only highly placed citizens of other large language WMF wikis. An internal wiki is known to exist, but it is well hidden. The newly-created simulation of Meta became the model capital of Wikiland, while its real capital, Tampon, became the public trash dump and wikigovernment residence.

In 2000 Encyclopedia Brittanica forcibly acquired Wikimedia but was forced to let it go in 2002.

In 2007 most Unyclopedia Administrators were mysteriously killed by a large band of men bearing Wikipedian Grenadier Nazi insignia, all carrying sub-machine guns of some sort. This sparked the first WikiRebellion in that same year.

Politics[edit | edit source]

At first, it operated as an absolute monarchy; since December 2003 this has been changing. In practice, a group of "sysops" handle day-to-day law enforcement; they are de facto appointed for life, though occasional impeachments have happened. Major punishments used to be administered by a tiny technocracy; this is under revision. King Jimbo I remains its official ruler; however, Queen Angela rules from behind the scenes.

Major political parties are the Inclusionists and Deletionists, the former being radically expansionist. Tensions between German and Polish immigrants are high, and present a social problem, as does the issue of extending recognition to Palestine and Atlantium.

While the bill known as "Spoon Legislation Law" or SLL was recently approved on the by King Jimbo, meaning that all citizens are required to have a spoon on their person, this is out of paranoia and fear of the Zombie attacks of the middle ages returning. As well as fears that the Kraut–Polack war will unfair, now both sides will legally have to possess a spoon before destroying each other then over-throwing thier own government.

In order to protect the little territory, the people of Wikiland created a volunteer army whose flag was this.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia has very little territory, estimated under 1/5 hectare, in a co-location facility. The territory is completely urbanized, and climate is quite moderate year-round, to within a few degrees Celsius. Agriculture of the normal kind is impossible due to zoning laws and operation Fart Storm (which has covered the Sun in Wikiland for many years); the extant agriculture, confusingly enough, only grows flames.

Economy[edit | edit source]

While the King has supported Wikipedia at great length, more territory was recently acquired by means of a non-binding tax and blackmail. A major economic problem is unauthorized duplication of Wikipedian intellectual property by the residents of other nations. Little is being done about this, though some foreigners are moving towards voluntary compliance.

It is generally believed that without His Majesty's personal sponsorship, Wikipedia would be unable to function. This is a regrettable situation for many. Some have suggested sending U.S. foreign aid to Wikipedia, but this has been rejected because someone lost the Mapquest directions.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

The vast majority of Wikipedians are technically literate, and many are young and somewhat leftist. This leads to occasional conflicts.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Further information: Fungus

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Bring your own dirt.
  2. Not pi, dammit!

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