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General notice (edit)

  • The Community Portal has a new look! See it for yourself at the page you're already looking at!
  • EMC has written the first UnSignpost issue in five years. Topics of note: VFS elections, commemorating a certain Italian vandal, and more.
  • We had new admins among us. Turns out everyone hated them. Now we're getting rid of them.
  • Some mysterious user has started a Main Page vote, who could it be? The plot thickens.
  • Uncyclopedia is now accepting donations. Open your hearts, and your wallets.
  • Join the fun at our (sort of) new Discord server! It's like IRC, but with 20% more memes. Try to be nice.
  • Folding@home is a protein folding simulator which researchers at Stanford University use to understand how diseases such as Parkinson's and cancer form. Uncyclopedia has a high-ranking team that you can join!
  • Uncyclopedia now has its own URL shortener. It's not the size of the URL, but the quality of the content that counts.

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