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Uncyclopedia is not just an encyclopedia of HAPPINESS, it is a very large encyclopedia of HAPPINESS that also happens to play host to numerous subprojects, including everything from some sort of poetry anthology to what may or may not be an offshoot of Twitter.

Many of the projects are currently in varying states of disrepair, but fortunately nobody cares, so nobody happens to be terribly fussed about any of it.

Content projects[edit source]

Uncyclopedia[edit source]

Uncyclopedia Puzzle Potato Notext.png
The content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Effectively an encyclopaedia written by apes, this project is effectively an encyclopaedia written by apes. The unfortunate thing is that its articles rarely go any further than this description did.

UnNews[edit source]

UnNews Logo Potato (No text).png
Your up-to-the-minute source of misinformation.

Recent studies have proven that 100 percent of people who are 100 percent misinformed get 100 percent of their news from UnNews. It's 100 percent content-free!

Undictionary[edit source]

Undictionary Logo Text.png
The ick!tionary of all things best left unsaid.

Undictionary. noun - a dictionary full of meaningless words and made-up languages.

UnTunes[edit source]

Where noisy things can live and prosper.

Songs and tunes to dance to... or at least to go deaf to.

Games[edit source]

Game-Logo notext.png
Another way to waste time.

Play games. Kill monsters. Get stuck in an attic?

HowTo[edit source]

Instructions and guides for anything and everything.

Instructions, guides, and helpful ideas for not improving your life, and especially for not improving the lives of others.

UnBooks[edit source]

Unbooks-logo notext.png
Content-free books.

Chock-full of synopses, Cliff's Notes versions, reviews, and half-starts, UnBooks makes all other online libraries obsolete. Chances are you weren't going to read any of those "real" e-books anyway, of course.

Unquotable[edit source]

Unquotable-logo-en vector notext.png
Useless misquotes galore.

With literally dozens of made-up quotes for non-made-up people, Unquotable gives new meaning to the word "attribution." Specifically, it changes the meaning completely, and not necessarily for the better.

Uncycloversity[edit source]

If it makes sense, we don't want it.

Want a university degree? Take classes here! It won't be worth a thing, but who cares?

UnPoetia[edit source]

Poetry for people who hate poetry.

At UnPoetia
Works of useless poems are
Scribbled thoughtlessly.

UnDebate[edit source]

Undebate logo.svg
Debating all the irrelevant issues.

Sometimes Uncyclopedians debate. The results are rarely pretty. Yes they are. No. No, they're not. Ye–No!

Why?[edit source]

Why? Because, that's why.

Answering all of life's important questions, Why? will save you the effort of thinking.

UnScripts[edit source]

Your personal Shakespearian folio on crack.

UnScripts is open to any script, be it the Bard's finest or a modern screenplay. One thing is sure; it won't be anyone's finest when we're through with it.

UnReviews[edit source]

We'll tell you why things suck.

Reviews of games, films, and what-have-you, all written from the point of view of people who could be arsed to write reviews of games, films, and what-have-you.

UnBestiary[edit source]

UnBestiarylogo notext.png
Bestiality galore.

A quick and handy reference all the cute, cuddly, and viciously violent and scary creatures that make up the Uncyclopedia universe. (Now with significantly-reduced punishments!)(Not as good without punishments, though.)

UnVoyage[edit source]

Go places without leaving your seat, the ultimate travel experience for lazy people!

A travel guide that is

“Like Wikivoyage but worse”

~ Y on his accomplishment

Thanks to Y, you can now see travel like never Grue'd before!

Other projects[edit source]

Uncyclomedia[edit source]

Uncyclopedias in other languages...

UnMeta[edit source]

Uncyclopedia project coordination, primarily non-Wikia...

UnCommons[edit source]

Dumping ground for common images between non-wikia Uncyclopedias...

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