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Welcome to the UncycloProject Undictionary! This is Uncyclopedia's resident dictionary.

Undictionary entries tend to be short, simple one-paragraph texts with less info than a regular Uncyclopedia article but also with 25% fewer calories so that they taste great but are less filling. Undictionary is a good place to move small sub-stubs which, while extraordinarily tasty, are nonetheless too small to stand alone as full Uncyclopedia articles.

To create an entry, create a new Undictionary page and follow the template. Undefinitions will automatically sort themselves in alphabetical order. No need to muck about with giant pages of all the entries anymore.

Undictionary is currently undergoing some changes. If you're curious, too bad, since we don't know what's going on, either, but for general information, see here:

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A state of mind in which one is unable to see the truth clearly, commonly due to exposure to drugs, (such as nature) a consistent string of lies, (such as religion), or often because you're just plain stupid (It's true, you are stupid.) Side-effects may include headaches, denial, obesity, and confidence in Barrack Obama's stimulus plan

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This is the Engrish Undictionary, where words from all languages are defiled in English. And furthermore, we like to add a 'k', and spell it dicktionary. If you were looking for real definitions, you are definitely in the wrong place!