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What is Uncycloversity?[edit | edit source]

Uncycloversity is a place for the severe and unrelenting abuse of your brain. The project is devoted all styles of misinformation, from pre-school toilet humor to university toilet humor. We invite all teachers, students, researchers and anyone else who probably has something more constructive to do to join us in creating scatological one liners in this collaborative, time-wasting community.

Science & Technology[edit | edit source]



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Printer Ink

History & People[edit | edit source]


Bouncy Castle


British Moon Landing

Help destroy Uncycloversity with cheese![edit | edit source]

Time dependent:

Our faculty

More Communism[edit | edit source]

Booze![edit | edit source]

Reacharounds![edit | edit source]

Our student

Disservice (to you)[edit | edit source]

Hot 'n' Sexy Librarians![edit | edit source]

Uncycloversity not readable in other languages, either[edit | edit source]

This Uncycloversity is only written in Engrish. This is the only language we know, because we are not properly edumacated.

Are You Ready for Graduation?[edit | edit source]

If you are, go get you printable and customizable diploma here. Right

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