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This infamous painting made by Dutch Impressionist Vincent Van Go-Go-Power-Rangers, better known as Van Gogh, was made as he visited the world-renowned city of Rome. Van Gogh was considered mentally ill, and he and his fellow insane cellmate Bruce Wayne had been out in the streets and highly intoxicated when Wayne asked Van Gogh to paint Wayne wearing a dark navy speedo and Halloween mask while standing on a building. Later, when he was sober, Van Gogh added a couple of extra touches, such as a weird looking sign called the "Black Ass Bat" symbol.

A year later, in July of 1890, Van Gogh committed suicide by watching a full 6 consecutive seasons of the later run series Full House. His friend Bruce Wayne mysteriously disappeared, leaving a note informing Van Gogh of his departure to Gotham, Canada. However, Dark Starry Knight was later found by Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth, who, coincidentally, looks exactly like and has the same name as the actor who plays Batman's butler in the DC Batman motion pictures. Better known as Alfred, Pennyworth sent the painting to the New York Museum of Modern Art, where it can be viewed today. (Full article...)

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NBC announces Hair as next live musical
The censor is gonna have a stroke.

Did you know

  • ... that there are at least three other businesses like show business?
  • ... that suicide is an answer to every problem, just not a very good one?
  • ... that Stan Lee originally conceived the X-Men as a group of post-op transgenders?
  • ... that vaccinations and computer games combined make a deadly cocktail for autism?
  • ... that a drummer is someone who hangs out with musicians?
  • ... that you're more likely to get struck by lightning twice than to discard an irrational fear based on a statistic like this one?
  • ... that hitting your kids may be beneficial to their health, or at the very least amusing to you?

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Why does God stay silent in the face of suffering?

May 28: Punctuation Awareness Day

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Some modifications have been made to the newest translation of the Holy Bible. In this scene (often called "Palm Sunday"), Jesus is now riding a raptor. While this was partially made to help make Jesus more accessible to Today's children, the decision was also made because certain Christians didn't want people to be able to say that Jesus was "riding someone's ass" that day. Both scientists and fundamental Christians question the historical accuracy of this account.
From the New Cooler Edition: "And Christ touched the Velociraptor, and the Velociraptor was tamed." Luke 13:37 (NCE)

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