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For 100 years the truth about what happened when the RMS Titanic radioed for help on the night of the 14th April 1912 has been believed lost. Now for the first time after some secret research at the Marconi archives, the original wireless log books of the RMS Titanic and her sister ship RMS Olympic, the White Star liner RMS Baltic and the Cunard ship RMS Carpathia have been found. They reveal there was a cover up by Marconi and an attempt to 'straighten' the record to show how heroic everyone was on that night.

Some of this has been known before but was long dismissed as 'anti-Marconi propaganda'. On that day the RMS Titanic had been sending out and receiving private messages for the passengers. In amongst all the verbiage, some ships had been sending ice warnings but the Titanic's wireless operators wanted to finish off sending out the private traffic before midnight. The transcripts start with the Titanic talking to Cape Race, the wireless station in Newfoundland. All messages timed as recorded on the Titanic. (Full script...)

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Thirteen Russks, whattaya get?
13 Russians and 3 Russian entities indicted for screwing up U.S. election.

Did you know

  • ... that I am a schizophrenic?
    • ... and so am I?
      • ... shut up Frank, you're not even supposed to be here today.
  • ... that I am a schizophrenic?
    • ... and so am I?
      • ... shut up Frank, you're not even supposed to be here today.
  • ... that in 2001 George W. Bush passed the No Child Left Behind Act, which forbids soldiers in Iraq from leaving their children behind?
  • ... that when it says "Do not try at home", it actually means "Do not try this at all"?
  • ... that Freddie Mercury was banned in some European countries due to his extremely radioactive last name?
  • ... pole dancing was introduced to Egyptian culture by Cleopatra?
  • ... that telling someone you masturbated to their Facebook picture is frowned upon in society?

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February 20:Twenty / Twenny / 7uun3d dispute day.

  • 11-twenty: Twenty is the commonly accepted spelling of the word pronounced 20.
  • 12-twenny: Twenny is da commonly Xepted spellin of 20.
  • 13-7uun3d: U h4u3 733n 7uun3d!
  • 14-20: People decide to spell twenty twenny 7uun3d 20 as '20'.
  • 15-twenty - 16-twenny - 17-7wn3d: Disputes abowt 20 have been pwn3d by God.
  • 20-20: hindsight is twenny 7uun3d
  • 7uun3d-f1r57 (3n7ury: 1337 15 7h3 n4710n41 14n9u493 0f 34r7h, 50 '7uun3d' 15 7h3 (0rr3(7 593111n9 0f '20'.
  • 2003: In the honour of twenty, the Twenty20 cricket form has been introduced.

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