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Did you know...

  • ... that phone sex operators (Pictured) are not always that hot?
  • ... that the Pope recently announced that the whole "Christianity" thing is a whole load of shit?
  • ... that the person above me has probably committed a felony?
  • ... that the dolphin is the only animal other than man that laughs at its own farts?
  • ... that the comic strip Fred Basset is interesting but not in the sense that might be expected of a comic strip?
  • ... that the Kingfisher does not dine exclusively on kings, but also hunts queens, emperors, princes, dukes, viceroys and any other high-ranking members of the nobility?
  • ... that the dolphin is the only animal other than man that laughs at its own farts?
  • ... that Witch-Hunting For Fun and Profit has mostly turned into Witch-Hunting For Fun in this modern era of cheaply produced Chinese assembly line witches?

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September 20: Sexual Innuendo Day

  • 30,000 BC – Oonak of the Tribe of the Wolf tells Nooma of the People of the Lake that he's got a big, thick woody club back in his cave that he'd love to show her, inventing sexual innuendo.
  • 1939 – Second World War declared. Churchill states in his first War-time speech: "We're going to be up against stiff opposition, and what we as a nation will experience in the coming months is going to be long and hard. "
  • 1940 – First printing of "Biggles Goes Down".
  • 1960 – Oil mining in Alberta, Canada goes wrong, causing the rig to get stuck pumping farther and farther into the hole while the rich liquid spewed out.
  • 2005 – Israel pulls out of Palestine.

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And they said it couldn't be done.

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