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This page is about submitting "Did You Know" entries. For suggesting DYK photo captions, see Uncyclopedia:DYK images. For a complete list of Didjaknoses, see Did You Know.

This is where you can submit {{DidYouKnow}} entries. List your submission(s) below, and if the admins decide it's worthwhile, it will be added to the main page template. You can sign your submissions if you want. Failed DYKs will be added to the newest archive after an admin is done choosing the ones that will go the front page.

Did You Know...[edit source]

Thank you for recent ideas, they have been added. Keep 'em coming! We love them! ”

-Captian Obvious

  • ...wait, what was I doing again

-Captain Oblivious

  • ...that I'm better than this person in particular?
  • ...that you're a procrastinator?
  • ...that I have been banned from several countries, and am proud to say so?
  • ...that it's not possible to reach pink level?
  • … That some people believe in a certain Sober Irishman?
  • ...that whenever Dave Mustaine sells peace, he never knows who's buying?
  • ...that Keyboard Cat wasn't actually a dog? I thought so too.
  • ...that it's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up, it's DARE?
  • ...that Salmon is a fish?
  • ...that I'm on my sixth can of beer and I just felt my car keys in my pocket?
  • …that I just put horse semen on my Taco Bell for the creamy texture?
  • ...that I'm currently launching a nuke that's aimed to a daycare?
  • ...did you know?
  • ...that Ronald McDonald's version of masturbating is to honk his clown nose?
  • ...that you're fired?!
  • ...that your ears might contain spiders if you don´t regularly brush them?
  • ...that Joe Biden was arrested for public nudity in the same year Christopher Columbus discovered the Caribbean Sea?
  • … that I have hidden many of my victims in your refrigerator?
  • … that Uncyclopedia currently has around 0.56% the amount of articles as Wikipedia?
  • … that I am actually dead?
  • … that 5 times 9 is 45? Neither did I.
  • … that this dumb website is a waste of time?
  • … that if you were to take out all your intestines and laid them end to end in a straight line, you’d be dead?
  • ... if Cleopatra in Space was real she would need an astronaut suit otherwise she'd be a corpse floating in the endless universe.
  • ... this metric hour has 10 minutes?
  • ... that there is a pipe bomb placed in your mailbox?
  • ... that You are not logged in!
  • ... that Joe Biden at least is a normal boring human being?
  • ... that blowjob in reality means i love you?
  • ... that I only add facts when I feel like so?
  • ... that I don't know what the fuck I'm doing so I made this DYK submission for no apparent reason?
  • ... that the game Minecraft is secretly hiding families inside their spawners and is not allowed to leave and is forced to give birth to zombies and skeletons?
  • ... that today is Christmas you dumb bastards? Stop wasting your time here and spend it with your family.
  • ... that a lot of the DYK submissions are really fucking stupid.