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Kurt Cobain will stuff his turkey with your lightsaber if you just read these articles.

These are the Top Ten Articles of 2017. We had one more voter than last year, which is nice. Also check out the other years' top 10 articles.

1. UnTunes:Come In My Face (tied)
1. UnNews:Disney merges Star Wars and Christmas (tied)
2. UnNews:Trump presidency just a dream, George W. Bush still president (tied)
2. Sam Harris (tied)
2. People's Glorious Republic of Uukumbamabahalarata (tied)
2. PANIC! at the Disco (tied)
2. Holocaust film (tied)
10. Deconstruction barrel (tied)
10. Leninade (tied)
10. White History Month (tied)
10. UnReviews:Rotten Tomatoes (tied)
10. Kicking pigeons is FUN! (tied)
10. Prohibition (tied)
10. UnNews:Local homophobe creampies QANTAS CEO (tied)