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For the original version see here.

Welcome to the new and improved RYA (Rate Your Admins), the ultimate outlet for vicious whining at the piece of shit admin who banned you just because he can. Please read the rules, because failure to do so may result in severe consequences.

The glorious prize of the winner

Feel free to be harsh, hate without just reason, give low scores, and watch those bastards suffer!

Ye olde rules[edit source]

  1. Users must be registered to vote. Sorry Mr. IP, but if you want to bitch about Mr. Admin, you'll have to create an account first.
  2. All Active Admins are subject to this test.
  3. If you fuck with any ratings that aren't yours, you will be deaded (just saying).
  4. Admins, you can rate other admins but not yourself, you egotistic fuckwit.
  5. No ratings shall occur on the last day on every month. On this day Frosty will calculate the average scores for each user, archive the top and bottom scorers and burn the rest.
  6. MAKE SURE YOUR SCORES ARE OUT OF 10 (10 being great, 0 being not so great)!
    • For the "Power Abuse" criteria, a 10 means "does not abuse power at all" and 0 means "abuses power the most".
  7. Admins cannot ban a user just because they rated them poorly. So don't worry about being critical if you have to.

Wonderful prizes[edit source]

The admin with the highest score at the end of each month shall receive

  • A lovely template for their userpage.
  • The admiration of the community.
  • Political immunity from de-opping (but not really).

The lowest scorer will be de-opped and banned forever (also not really).

Past winners[edit source]

None yet, this shall be the first run through

Full details can be found here

Past losers[edit source]

None yet, this shall be the first run through

Full details can be found here

Sub-pages to get voting on![edit source]