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Drama says some good things did come out of 2009.

These are the Top Ten Uncyclopedia Articles of 2009(ish). Also, check out the Top 10 of 2005 and of 2006 and of 2007 and of 2008.

1. Dragon Worrier
2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
3. The Bourne Pottery Class
4. British Moon-landing
5. UnScripts:An interview with an Egyptian taxi driver
6. HowTo:Get Over Jenny
7. Your estimate of how long to reheat the lasagne
8. Karl Lagerfeld (tied)
8. Röak Band - Teütonic Invasion (tied)
10. Al GoreI ate your Haagen-DazsMicrosoft Knowledge BaseUnScripts:Waiting For Godot 2: Waiting With A Vengeance (tied)

Here are the honorable mentions.

14. Metal Gear Solid (tied)
14. Printer Ink (tied)
14. Samuel L. Vacuum (tied)