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Welcome to the 13st Edition of our beloved and prestigious Poo Lit Surprise. Watch your step!
Consult the talk page or me for any questions or concerns. See the Poo Lit Archives for the results from past competitions.

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png FAQs
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This PLS will surely be one to remember. The judging was done only a month late, and not all entries may have been read or even skimmed over but they were all given a fair chance to make the judges laugh.

Unfortunately for the winners, Dawg, the generous benefactor of this contest, has gone MIA. 1st and 2nd place winners can still get their prize money by finding Dawg and busting his kneecaps until he pays up. You winners should also know that Uncyclopedia itself has moved all of its bank accounts to Switzerland so there's no point in suing us.

Prize money for ties must be worked out amongst the winners, who are encouraged to use negotiation and "reasonable force" to arrange a fair sharing of the ransom money earnings.

Many thanks to all the judges and participants, especially those who helped out on such short notice. Congratulations to all of the winners and eternal shame to the losers and their offspring. --EMC [TALK] 04:10 Jun 18 2013


Detailed score results can be found here. Scores calculated with only a 45% margin of error.

Best Article

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: The Uncyclopedia Owner's Manual by Zombiebaron

runner up: UnScripts:The Treaty of Minaj-Black by IFYMB!

Best Noob Article

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: My Dinner by RedHot

runners up: Hold Your Wii For A Wee contest by TheMillionRabbit and Searching for Topological Degeneracy in the Hubbard Model with Quantum Monte Carlo by Tmchale

Best Rewrite

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: Disturbed by Zana Dark

runners up: Ludwig Wittgenstein by Tmchale and Opposite Day by IFYMB!

Best Potatochop

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: The Last Unicorn in Vinnitsa, oil on wet canvas, by Zombiebaron

runner up: Ghost in The Trench by Dexter111344

Best T-Shirt Designs

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