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Here's what I look like in Real Life


~ Everyone on WohMi's Bullshit

“This is the only page to have a Day-Night cycle.

~ WohMi on his beautiful creation.

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Status Update[edit]

Sautè the whole world!

Things that I gave BIRTH too[edit]

And I made a featured image!

That time I planned to kill your brother during my sojourn to Taco Bell


Cancer (OK, I didn't create it, but it was such a shitshow previously, that it's current version was pretty much all me.)

HowTo:Tell If I'm Crazy or Not

Talk:This page (honestly) really does not exist and if you dare to click on this link you will be sent into a black hole of endless nothingness where you will be tempted to edit pages that do not exist which will only get in you in even more trouble.

A really funny prank

Cool Articles I Edited on & Am Proud of What I Did On There[edit]


Egyptian Gods


William the Conqueror

HowTo:Fend Off Wild Animals


Cymru Airways


HowTo:Get Expelled from School


HowTo:Destroy the moon

HowTo:Be Super Duper Annoying

Undictionary:I gave her the Hummingbird

Emperor Taizong of Tang

Wii-kipedia (Edit War, Baby!)

Jordanhill Railway Station

Answer to Life.png My edits: 1,025