That time I planned to kill your brother during my sojourn to Taco Bell

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It looked kinda like this, only not on the floor.

Dude, your fucking brother ruined my taco. Like, WTF?

So there I was[edit]

sitting down to eat my taco, doing my Taco Bell thing with this shit after the retarded teenager messed up my order, right? Like, free taco shit.

and your stupid fucking brother Luke[edit]

bursts out of nowhere, his appendix bursting all over the place, and instead of going for you, he makes a retardline straight for me.

so I recoiled in horror[edit]

and dropped my taco on my plate so I could shield myself, and he grabbed my taco and threw it on the ground! WTF?

He barely got away with a major punch in the shoulder and a severed brain stem from all those hours he spends on WoW.

No, seriously. I really am going to kill your brother over this taco.

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