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  • Writers: Don't be prima donnas. Be open to criticism.
  • Voters: Please try and include some kind of reasoning. When voting against, explain where the article falls short so that the author can perhaps try and fix it up and improve it.
  • This is not a discussion page. If you'd like detailed feedback on your article, please submit it for a PeeReview.
  • Want a gadget that lets you mark the articles you've already voted on? Follow the instructions here to enable it.
  • View recent changes for VFH here, and if deleted nominations are showing up and that bugs you, click here to purge the list.
  • Due to a technical glitch caused by DPL being a dumbass, any signature with two dashes (i.e. "--") will cause the VFH page to go kaput.
Any and all violators of policy will be devoured by crocodiles.

Nominate an article

You (yes, you!) can nominate an article for featuring. To do so, put its name - or article name (2nd nomination) if it's been nominated before - into the box below, press Nominate, and follow the instructions on the next page. Simple!!

Vote for an article

# Article Score Nominator Nom age
1. UnNews:Pink Floyd killed by coronavirus (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 2 ( 2 / 0 )sm=n Kakun 10 dayssm=n
2. Social Credit System (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 4 ( 4 / 0 )sm=n Kev 14 dayssm=n
3. World War II (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 2 ( 2 / 0 )sm=n Thingy 26 dayssm=n
4. Kids show with 2 monkey puppets (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 0 ( 0 / 0 )sm=n 32 dayssm=n
5. SLAPPALLAPPA LAPPALLAPPA CACATONEDITUCAN (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ -1 ( 4 / 5 )sm=n Kev 33 dayssm=n
6. Time Person of the Year (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 6.5 ( 6.5 / 0 )sm=n Risviltsov 69 dayssm=n
VFH status:
3.92 votes per article • Goal: 5


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