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These are the rules of VFH. They might change at any time, just to keep you on your toes.


  • A registered user's vote always counts as one (1), even for weak and strong votes.*
  • IP votes carry half the weight of registered users' votes.*
  • Nonsigned votes and votes without timestamps will be struck out, so make sure you sign your votes with ~~~~ or press the "your signature with timestamp" button (Button sig.png) above the edit box.*
  • Articles from all namespaces are eligible - votes based on namespace alone will be ignored.
  • When voting for or against, please change the score number accordingly — this saves a lot of time later.*
  • Voters: don't be dicks and do be constructive with criticism. Writers: Don't be prima donnas. Be open to criticism.


  • Nominate and vote for articles you find excellent.
  • Any article from any namespace (except userspace) is eligible for nomination.
    • Note that exceptions to the "no userspace" rule do exist; however, please consult an active administrator prior to doing so.
  • You are allowed to nominate articles you wrote, but don't overdo it.
  • Nominations do not count as a vote for. Please also add a for vote in the correct section if you wish to vote for your nomination. This is both allowed and encouraged.
  • When nominating an article, the VFH template should be added to the article using {{VFH}}. Anything you add {{VFH}} to also shows up in Category:Feature nomination.

*Note that when you use the auto-voting script, these actions are carried out automatically. (Scores are automatically updated, votes are signed, etc.)