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This page contains a list of previously featured articles waiting to be re-featured. Users can nominate articles here or view a list of already re-featured articles here. See Uncyclopedia:Re-feature queue/Rules for more information.

For Admins only: Refeature next article in line

Make sure to check the feature queue first. The queue slot won't be properly filled until the {{RFA}} code (with the correct date) is on the article.

Once you've re-featured an article, remove it from the list and add it to this page.

All articles waiting to be re-featured

Article Author[1] Nominator
The Camera Obscura Collection of Hans Helmuth Saltzman (1602-1668) AndrewCStuart, Aleister Anton199
Visual puns Magic man random
TBA MrN9000 MrN9000
Earth Skinfan13 random
UnBooks:Tarquin Middleton: My Battle with Depression. Winstanley1 The Woodburninator
Water Polo... With Sharks! Squiggle random
Vietnamese dong Nachlader random
Obi-Wan Kenobi Matfen random
TBA Bradaphraser Bradaphraser
User:Hardwick Fundlebuggy Hardwick Fundlebuggy Modusoperandi
TBA Bizzeebeever Bizzeebeever
United States presidents with ridiculously accentuated facial features Jocke Pirat random
Tom Paine Imrealized random
Literary dedications One-eyed Jack random
TBA Llwy-ar-lawr Llwy-ar-lawr
TBA TheHumbucker TheHumbucker
TBA Fredd The Mahmauscher Fredd The Mahmauscher
TBA David Gerard David Gerard
TBA Zana Dark Zana Dark
I ate your Haagen-Dazs Hyperbole Shabidoo
TBA Rogpyvbc Rogpyvbc
Hiroshima Rei random
Battle of Guadalcanal Rcmurphy random
TBA MeepStarLives MeepStarLives
Quantum Economics KP random
Random humor EvilZak random
List of one letter words starting with A El Zoof random
Bureau of Time Management CandidToaster random
Distraction Tompkins random
Euroipods Zombiebaron
Humility Some user random
Onomatopoeia HerrDoktor random
Platinum Frosty Frosty
Perestroika DJ Irreverent DJ Irreverent
TBA Oliphaunte Oliphaunte
Enid Blyton Nydas random
TBA Multiliteralist Multiliteralist
TBA Monika Monika
Allahakbarries IronLung random
Amanda Steele, Action Cop Hyperbole ChiefjusticeDS
HowTo:Drive a train Heerenveen random
TBA Fishalishalish Fishalishalish
Toilet Door Communication Doug random
TBA EpicAwesomeness EpicAwesomeness
UnScripts:Waiting For Breivik 2: The Breifist Ptok-Bentoniczny Ptok-Bentoniczny
Slender ChiefjusticeDS Sir Peasewhizz
File sharing Andorin Kato random
UnNews:FACT CHECK: Birthday Card not as Accurate as Hoped YouKnowWhatTheMusicMeans random
UnNews:Junior designer makes her own prom dress Weebils random
Assassins from the future Procopius DJ Irreverent
TBA UPjcm UPjcm
Toilets in Japan RedHot random
Mammogram Dawg random
TBA Syndrome Syndrome
TBA Snarglefoop Snarglefoop
TBA Claudius Prime Claudius Prime
Why?:IPs can't edit the main page Xamralco Mattsnow
Bad things have happened recently Shabidoo Mattsnow
All Quiet on the Western Front Hiatus Hernia Nikau
Game:Alone in the dark Puppy Anton199
AAAAAAAAA! Fudgesickles! Shabidoo
Sania Mirza 15Mickey20 DJ Irreverent
Dragon Warrior Hyperbole Under user
UnNews:My son makes the play of the game So So Under user
UnNews:Chuck Norris on secularism: the single greatest threat that America has ever faced Modusoperandi Under user
UnMysteries:A Tissue Of Lies Under user The Woodburninator
UnBooks:Pulp Novel, the case of the dashing dame Modusoperandi The Woodburninator
Erogenous Zones and Difficulties in Overcoming Finding Them Mhaille Zombiebaron
Guidebook to the Voting Rights Movement related faces in the cloud Aleister Aleister
  1. Italics indicate the author hasn't edited the .co site.