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“Your self-importance is obvious at first glance”

~ Aleister in Chains on MrN9000

Mohandas Gandhi with Aleister in Chains December 21, 2012 with Funnybony Lord Christopher Monckton DENIAL, Pants Bomber, Neighborhood Watch (with MadMax, Multiliteralist, and Electrified mocha chinchilla), UnScripts:Who built the moon‎, Fish Puns‎ (with Under user), Clementine Attlee (with Mhaille}, The Pun Invasion of Uncyclopedia, Eric Clapton, HowTo:Turn Your Terminator On (with Cajek), Battle of the Sexes, Why?:Do a Pee Review (with Cajek), The Color Problem, Pointless_Paradox,Project Manager, Moving the goal posts.

UnNews:Porn star Nora Batty dies, UnNews:Toilets refuse to take any more shit‎, UnNews:Paedophiles Rejoice Over New Child Database‎

In a desperate attempt to increase my own level of self importance I have awarded this to: Composure1, Hyperbole, Optimuschris, Sycamore, Gerrycheevers, Sycamore, Roman Dog Bird, SysRq, Mnbvcxz, Siddhartha-Wolf, SPIKE, Funnybony,Aleister in Chains, Bizzeebeever, Mattsnow, Sir Peasewhizz and Shabidoo as well as his most prestigious award to Prettiestpretty , Modusoperandi, Cajek, Under user, Dr. Skullthumper, Heerenveen, Gerrycheevers, MadMax, Hyperbole and Aleister. You will notice that Gerrycheevers, Hyperbole and Aleister won both. That is because they are better than you.


Don't watch! You! denier!

What I'm editing now


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