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Honorary Black People are persons who are not of the Afro-persuasion who desire to be so. Some distinguishing characteristics may include:

  • Dating/schtupping black people exclusively.
  • Adopting lots of cute li'l black children. Nothing shows "diversity" better.
  • Being the first to loudly declare something or someone as "racist", because being raised a priviliged white liberal makes one a better judge of racism than an actual black person.
  • Trying to censor, ban, or change classic literature or movies. The fact that blacks were discriminated against mustn't become public knowledge.
  • A burning desire to name or rename every street, school, or park bench after Martin Luther King, Jr. in a vain attempt to ease their own guilt.
  • Declaring themselves the "First Black President" without being black.
  • Being Nishil Patel.

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