Man on the fire exit signs

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There he is... doing the only thing he knows...

Ah, so you want to learn about the Man on the fire exit signs? Are you seriously doing this? I give you points for creativity, but seriously? Why would anybody care? Sigh... If you really must know. Here we go...

Man on the fire exit signs[edit | edit source]

The man on the fire exit signs is known for being a very cowardly person... always running when there is no reason. Born in 1980 to a single mother, he was never loved.[1] Then, his mother set his house on fire, killing herself. When this happened, the Man on the fire exit signs ran through a radioactive fire exit, forever binding him to a fire exit sign. His life was never the same.

Life after the fire[edit | edit source]

Man on the fire sign was destroyed mentally after the fire. He soon went crazy. He actually killed his dead mother! He was a cold-blooded rekiller of dead people. He was arrested on March 10, 1997, for rekilling JFK. He was sentenced to 2,000,000 hours of community service. To pay off the hours he decided to do the only thing he knew, running away. He decided to work with the Fire Department. When he went to sign up they threw him on a sign. He has been stuck on signs ever since. He keeps jumping from sign to sign hoping the next sign is the sign home.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. That's why his mom gave him such a dumb name. 'Man on the fire exit signs'... seriously?

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