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The Dude is of course the benchmark for all aspiring dudes. He at all times remains cool, calm and composed, and will always be down for a White Russian or a game of bowling with you. A total dude.

The origins of the word "dude" are disputed. Some say the legendary word came into being around the same time as God, others say the "dude" is an anagram of the word "anti-Christ" in Swahili. It is generally accepted though, that the word dude came into existence when Satan otherwise known as the prince of darkness, the devil, the red ass-turd from hell or more commonly as Mel Gibson, pissed off the holy spirit and received an unholy amount of ball-whipping and simultaneously exalted "dude wats up with this shit?"

From that day on the word "dude" became more widely used, with Saddam Hussein the devil's lover, making it law for all Iraqis to greet each other with "dude hoes the daily shiz hanging homie" or something like that in Arabic.

In modern popular culture, 'dude' became prevalent in the U.S. for all Americans to greet one another with the vernacular "dude, where is my car?" or "dude, where is Iraq? Perhaps we should learn more about the world outside our borders before invading it."

Alternate theories[edit | edit source]

There are many people in the scientific community who believe that the word dude not only came into being around the same time as god but created god as well. This theory can mainly be explained though complex quantum mechanics as no other sane person can believe a word created god but i'll simplify it into ass-tard speak

If x = Dude

Then God = Big Dude

An alternate view is that the word "dude" resembles the sound of a cow crapping and a stupid hick in Texas (who later on went on to become president of the untied states of America) recorded the sound and sent it to Disney. Disney churning out brain-washing crap music like clockwork decided to use the word in the next Hannah Montana song and thus the word Dude was born, being spread by stupid, obese, notably obnoxious 10 years olds.

Popular Usage[edit | edit source]

The word has been used a lot in the past and is still part of popular culture today. Notably shakespeare has used the word "dude" in his play "Romeo and Juliet" where Juliet gets knocked up by some dude at some totally awesome party and Romeo never finds out.

Also re-packaged crap like "Dude where's my car" and its sequel "Dude where's hydrogen fuel-cell powered automobile" contains proficent usage of the word Dude

'Dudes' in power[edit | edit source]

  • George W. Bush has been known to greet national leaders with a casual "'Sup, dude?" or "How's it hangin', dude?" however most politicians reject the word dude, with the exception of French president Nicolas Sarkozy, and Ultimate Emperor of the Planet Bono.