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"Antiphallus", a.k.a. "The Glowing Penis That Wasn't There"
An original poem by Hughe Jarekshun



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 Yesterday, while browsing media
 I saw a penis on Uncyclopedia
 It was featured for the day
 I think, I think I'm turning gay...

 When I came back to the same place
 The cock was staring me in the face
 Yet when I checked its history
 I couldn't believe what I did see
 EugeneKay! EugeneKay! I can't believe it was his!
 Look away! Look away! Lord, please don't let me jizz... (*squirt!*)

 Last night on this same media
 No glowing penis graced the 'pedia
 Neither was it there today
 Oh, but I think it turned me gay!