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Unpoetia banner.png Poetry for people who hate poetry
There once was a man from Nantucket,
Whose dick was so long he could suck it.
While whiping his chin,
He said with a grin:
"If my ear were a cunt, I'd fuck it."

There once was a man from Peru,
Who jerked off all day in his canoe.
While dreaming of Venus,
He yanked on his penis,
And woke in a canoe full of goo.

There once was a man called Dave,
Who kept a dead whore in a cave.
He said "I admit,
I am a bit of a shit,
But think of the money I save!"

There once was a man from China,
Who wasn't a very good climber.
He slipped off a rock,
And split his cock,
Now he has a vagina!"