Men's rights movement

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A desperate male fighting for his rights.

The Men's Rights Movement was a group created by 4chan so the people who edit it could get in with feminists in the vain hope they'll ever get laid.

They have several core principles:

  1. Strong women like strong men.
  2. Men can argue just as well as women can, and LOUDER. LOUDER ARGUMENTS ARE ALWAYS BETTER ARGUMENTS. (Dishes, fists, and objects such as knives thrown for punctuation make arguments even louder still.)
  3. Men should be able to stick it in without pulling anything out of their wallets later even if they never wore protection during the act and weren't married at the time.
  4. Men shouldn't have to do all the heavy duty work, even if they are twice as strong as the average female and never get pregnant.
  5. Men make better nurses, cooks, call center personnel, accountants, janitors, and administrative assistants than women, so they should continue to be paid twice the wage of women when performing these jobs.
  6. Men shouldn't have to pay the restaurant bill on dates, even though they are making more than twice as much money as their date.
  7. Men shouldn't have to get their hands dirty or stinky. Mens' manicures matter too!
  8. Men always enjoy using every hour of their spare time taking care of babies and children, and prefer entertaining their children to video gaming, so they should always be allowed custody of the kids in a divorce. Alternately, if the spouse DOES get the kids, the kids should be able to support themselves.
  9. Child care should always be free.
  10. Women should always maintain their appearance in a way that is pleasing to men, even if she is not looking for a mate or is a lesbian, regardless of time or expense. Men also should not ever have to pay for this expense when dating or married to a woman.
  11. Men are entitled to as many partners in bed as they can get away with at the same time.
  12. The female is always in the wrong.