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Harvesting a tail... Stay still Fido. This will only hurt for a second.

One of the three elements of which boys are made; see also snakes and Aardvarks.

At some point in life, the puppy dog will ask for his tail back; this leaves the lad spending the rest of his life looking for a piece of tail with which to replace it.

It also leaves the dog uncertain as to whether its tail has been accidentally swapped with that of another puppy dog; therefore when two dogs meet, each sniffs the other's tail to ensure that they haven't inadvertently been switched.

Mega Recipe: How to Make a Boy[edit]

Here is the formula to make your very own boy.

  1. You'll need to buy some good puppy dog tail from the butchers. I prefer a puppy labrador's tail, as they smell the nicest, but any will do. Then you need to find some great snails. The best come imported from France, but you can find some big juicy ones all over the street after a big rainstorm. Pick them up carefully, to make sure they are not too yucky or too blah, but just right.
  2. After you have your meat, you'll need to pour it into a large container. Then use your home DNA extracting kit to take out the Deoxribonucleaic Acid from your hair, mix and heat.
  3. Simmer for a week or two.
  4. When you come back, you should have a fully-working young boy.
  5. Enjoy! Put him to work or let him out to play. You can even test the results for yourself.

Symbolic meaning[edit]

In many parts of the world it is good luck when a puppy dog's tail is worn as a necklace, the cutier the puppy the more luck.

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