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Boob Earmuffs

A booby prize is a gag gift that, by definition, in some way resembles the female breasts, and is given away at parties, bar mitzvahs, beauty pageants, weddings, or other festive occasions, sometimes as a consolation prize to first and second runners-up and other losers. Sometimes, booby prizes are edible, but, more often, like their fleshly counterparts, they are simply decorative items.

Clothing[edit | edit source]

Boob Eyeglasses
Hands-on Bra

Some booby prizes are designed to be worn as clothing. Such items include eyeglasses and earmuffs. Such novelty apparel is more often presented to men than to women, while women are more frequently the recipients of other types of booby prizes. However, a few garments are also awarded to women as booby prizes, such as the Hands-on Bra.

Enhancements[edit | edit source]

Multiple Breasts

The booby prizes normally given to women tend to represent some sort of enhancement, or exaggeration, of the breasts. Such a booby prize might exaggerate the size of the breasts, multiply their number, or seemingly shrink them.

Parody[edit | edit source]

Minnie Mouse Boobs

Other booby prizes seem to satirize, parody, or fetishize women's breasts, often representing them as something other than themselves. Many of these booby prizes are designed to make the wearer's own breasts resemble an animal, a cartoon, or both, such as these pairs, which make the breasts of the women who are wearing them look like Minnie Mouse twins (times two).

Educational[edit | edit source]

Educational Strap-ons

Booby prizes can serve a more serious function. Strap-on boobs allow men to experience what it is like to have breasts and, as a result, to be the object of unwanted attention by males. In some cases, this educational purpose has backfired, so to speak, causing the wearer to want to adopt the breasts full time or, in some instances, have hormonal or surgical breast augmentation. When two men wear strap-on breasts, they often secretly compare the sizes of their respective bosoms while standing beside one another at urinals or in locker rooms. "Even when they're girls, boys will be boys," psychologist Boo B. Hatch asserts.

Added Inventory[edit | edit source]

Bosom Buddies, the leading manufacturer of booby prizes is constantly adding new items to its inventory. As it does so, the company seeks to address other areas of human interest than those that it has already tackled. One of the newer lines of booby prizes focuses on office equipment (mousepads, telephones, tables), which can be used by anyone, male or female. Another new line of booby prize merchandise is oriented toward achievement awards that can be given for accomplishments on or off the job (boobs on a pedestal). A third new product line is boob art (boob statues), which can be used to decorate the home or office.

Boob Mousepad
Boob Art

In a controversial move, Bosom Buddies has also introduced a line of candy and other types of edible boobs and a line of toy boobs, hoping to expand its market to children. Here are some of the company’s children’s merchandise. "After all," a spokesman for the company declares, "man's first introduction to boobs was as a baby."

Many other booby prizes are on the drawing board or on the production line, including:

  • Oversize bras
  • Hand-held boob stress relievers
  • Boobometer
  • Bra table
  • Car bras and other boob-related automobile accessories
  • Boob video games
  • Replica of Hillary Clinton's Bust
  • Boob lamps
  • Boob pillows
  • Boob T-shirts
Boob Suckers: there's one born every second
Wind-up Boobs Toy

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