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Section 1[edit]

Legend has it that the tradition of the Panty Raid began on the night of March 21, 1952 at the University of Michigan, when about 600 male students stormed the women's dormitory confiscating their lingerie. Soon male college students across the country began to participate in this custom. After achieving their goal, the raiders would parade around the entrance of the dormitory boastfully holding up the "stolen goods." Some students went to extremes to accomplish their mission. One group, from the University of Miami, actually tore down a large wire fence to access the women's dormitory. It was not uncommon for women to exact their revenge. Five-hundred women from the University of Michigan snuck into the men's dormitory and stole the boxer shorts and "tidy whities" of their enemy. Soon after, the men of Georgetown University were invaded by a horde of young women in search of underwear.

Although the panty raids were seemingly harmless, some more serious students felt it disrupted their studies. Others felt that their privacy had been invaded, and the police were called in on several accounts. Despite complaints, panty raids continued on throughout the 1950s. The practice finally seemed to die out with the 1960s. It has been speculated that panty raids lost their thrill with the onset of the sexual revolution.

Section 2[edit]

Panty raids made their debut in Austin in May, 1952, and continued sporadically for about five years. The women's dormitories were favorite targets, though sorority houses and off campus dorms received their share of visits. Officially, the University administration banned the activity, threatened participants with disciplinary probation or worse, and at times even collected Blanket Tax cards on the spot. The cards, which proved a student had paid their campus fees, was required to gain entrance to UT sporting events, especially football games. The cards were returned after a visit to the Dean's office, but it was often not before the hapless student had been forced to miss a game.

After 1957, panty raids took a hiatus from the campus, much to the relief of the administration. The University celebrated its 75th birthday in 1958, and by 1960, enrollment had topped 20,000 for the first time. Students were more involved in "approved" activities such as Varsity Carnivals, Round-up Parades and Sweetheart elections. But as every dean knows, students are very unpredictable. The panty raid fad of the 1950s was to have one last run in the "Great Raid of '61."

It was a warm Thursday evening on November 2, 1961, when a fire started in a trash bin near the men's dorms on the southeast side of the campus. As Austin fire trucks arrived to extinguish the flames, the commotion brought out the residents of Brackenridge, Roberts, Prather and Moore-Hill Halls. Once outside and away from the books, the group resolved not to return right away, but to pay a friendly visit to the women's dorms. Setting off around the back end of Gregory Gym, the crowd swelled with residents of the temporary San Jacinto dorms. By the time the group arrived in front of Kinsolving Dormitory, some 2,500 men were chanting, "We want girls! We want panties!"

Times Square (NYC) Live Quotes[edit]

  1. “Little bows and cottony lace dress up practical panties. And low-rise bikinis like these are great for showing off my hips.”—Sarah Bamford, 20, student
  2. “These little boyshorts are great! The vertical stripes make my butt look smaller and my legs look longer and slimmer. Plus, they’re cotton, so they’re not too itchy to wear all day.”—Anastasia Dorohova, 24, writer
  3. “Lacy sets like these are sexy because they’re just a little bit see-through. And I love the color! Black is too boring, and white is too innocent—a strong color like bright pink or red is perfect for girls with darker coloring.”—Weili Lin, 23, artist
  4. “These cotton panties are comfy, fun, and sexy.”—Lori Friedman, 32, EMT
  5. “I’m a little bit smaller-chested, so I go for push-up bras that give me great cleavage.”—Debbie Harris, twentysomething, actress
  6. “A pair of satin shorts are great on almost anyone because they look and feel sexy.”—Rose Gabrielle, 31, dancer
  7. “I like wearing slips like this in sheer fabric because I don’t have to worry about my body, but they offer a peek at what’s underneath.”—Anissa Tong, 19, student
  8. “These panties are fun for the bedroom, which makes them great for play.”—Michelle Bernard, 28, actress
  9. “I like the way a traditional lacy teddy makes me feel girly and feminine.”—Yorkanis Francis, 23, student
  10. “A bustier shows off my curves.”—Loredana Jolie, 19, student
  11. “The ruffles on this set make it cutesy and fun. It really puts me in a great mood.”—Dana LaRosa, 28, teacher
  12. “I have a long, lean body, so I emphasize my curves wherever I can. These boyshorts are great because they flatter my hips, but they’re still soft and comfy enough to be practical.”—Kristin Foti, 24, student
  13. “A pretty bra and satin p.j. pants are perfect for hanging out in the morning. And I love these p.j. pants because they match my eyes.”—Dana Barese, 22, paralegal


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