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I am not a lion, dickass, I am a human lion.[1]
Advertisement: Advent burgers, where the customer is always right... between the bun.
— The local wandal l10n —
Lions Attack Safari.jpg
Me and my brother attacking a safari tour. You can tell my brother apart as he is on the shy side. I go straight for the car. Yummy metal.
Preferred pronoun he / his / they / them / it
Nationality A queenless country, Earth
Languages Furry, 137, ''Media'''Wiki''''', rawr roar
Gender A fucking boy.
Alignment En Wikibooks; Peace
Education and employment
Occupation An upcoming indie (solo) game developer
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Playing video games, wikiwriting, more wikiwriting and yet more wikiwriting, killing ponies, making up hobbies just to add them here.
Account statistics
Edit count 825 + around 1470
Signature L10nM4st3r > ROAR at me! / See what my paws scratched \ How deep can you dig inside this?

Note: this is a funny wiki, yes. But I won't be here 24/7[3]. Just whenever I'm in a funny mood.

This user is a proud boy and wields a penis happy stick.
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This user is a pony-hating, cat-loving idiot
…and deserves depth!
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This user exists. Therefore, they are a traitor to us all!
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This user is a dumb poopyhead.
What? I don't know, man…
maybe I'll get around to it.
This user is Super Laz
This user edits Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia. Please stop this craziness before their plans for world-domination are complete.
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The information on this page is entirely false.
For the real information, press ALT-F4.
This user is a highly established extended confirmed user.
I wrote this awesome page Battle Cry, but it was deleted.
This user is 17 years old. Woop-ti-doo.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I is spider man. Yes I am. My wikiwebs will save wikipedia!" - an IP on the wikipedia sandbox.
"I HATE LIONS, THEY SUCK! FUCK LIONSMASTER!" - the same IP, after I responded to his original message. I found it more amusing than anything else that tried to insult me, so I didn't report it. Plus it was kinda ironic. Although this probably happened because I said something about them killing Mysterio.
"Hello" - you[4]
"Eat a nickle cadmium battery" - an IP on my talkpage in wikibooks
"I eat BBQ'd steak and di*ks" - Rock-O-Jello
"Ponies deserve depth!" - ARandomPage and L10nM4st3r
"Advent burgers, a burger where the customer is always right... Between the bun." - Resistance radio in XCOM 2: War of the chosen. An advent burger basically uses human meat. Gross, I'm gonna hurl...
"Oh hell, No Man's Sky is the future of everything! It's the next best thing, about to beat Minecraft!" - EVERYBODY, ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY, DEAD OR ALIVE, OR YET TO BE BORN!! Well, not you or that guy. But otherwise it is true. The quote, I mean, not the fact that everybody said it. Which is also true.

Wrote[edit | edit source]

Dictionary of strange terms[edit | edit source]

  • Wtf tytpo: a tytpo with a zero percent chance to be made[citation needed], and is actually funny w hen[citation needed] it is made.
  • Paghe: page, usually as typo or when I'm lazy. May also be pahe.

Find the complete list here!

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Because I know I am.
  2. According to Uncyclopedia logic at least.
  3. Can't be here 24/7 anyway, I gonna fall asleep at some point. Besides, I may be in a funny mood 24/7.
  4. Because big elephants can always understand small elephants. And because I SAID so. So DIEEEEEEEE already!!!!!!!!!(? who put this here? I'm going insane..)