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You may want to turn off Caps Lock and not even know it!

“ QWEASD, Q-W-E-A-S-D! That's Q-W-E...A-S-D. I'll just repeat: the password is QWEASD. Q-W-E-A-S-D ”

~ Jerome on Qweasd.

“ Pwned ”

~ Password on itself.
The average script kiddie takes 4 seconds to find your password

Password is a security device used by people on the internet to make it easier for their accounts to be hacked. On sites such as paypal it is usual to have an account name that is an email address and a password such my 'mypassword', thus enabling numerous script kiddies to login effortlessly and rob you blind. To learn more about passwords, please enter your password. Okay! Q-W-E-A-S-D!

The password system is also very convenient for scam artists using phishing techniques, where an email will be sent asking a random idiotic n00b to confirm his password for ebay, bank account, etc.

Remember that software designed with proper security features will make use of your computer's Caps Lock key in order to prevent you from ever logging on, without ever informing you that is what is going on. The login function will not be case-sensitive during hacking attempts.

Do's and Don't's[edit | edit source]

This information was provided by the Police for Internet Security Systems.

  • Always use a password that you can forget easily, or write it down next to your computer where everyone in work can see it.
  • Inventive and original passwords are a big no-no. 1234 is ideal, as is the word 'secure', 'passwordhere', using your name, or your dogs name, or even both if it's too short.
  • Never change your password after someone has guessed it, thats being a spoilsport!
  • Always use the same password for every single account and website you visit.
  • Although it is true that the more permissions you have the simpler your password should be the optimal password for anybody administrator, moderator or user is of course nothing. If your password system does not allow this have a 1 character password such as "x".
  • It is also ideal to keep the password IN the user name such as username : mypasswordisandy. People can never ever guess these. Try it.
  • use easy to remember words in your passwords close to the beginning of the dictionary, such as 'cat' or 'Bacon'. baconcat would be a good example.

Qweasd[edit | edit source]

For more information about the world's best password, see Qweasd.

Helpful suggestions[edit | edit source]

Ideal passwords:[edit | edit source]

Not so good:[edit | edit source]

  • penis (not long enough)
  • random numbers and letters (how will you remember?)
  • your maiden name (your parents can find your porn)
  • your date of birth (if on a time machine: it might change)

The Ultimate Password[edit | edit source]

The passwords are as follows: whenever you are asked to give a password, the passwords are: "farglybananas", and the second password is simply "no password", and the third is "nazi strippers". These are the ultimate passwords. Use them well, my son.

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An example: the user named "username" has obviously a brilliantly chosen password