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About Me[edit]

  • I don't multitask, but I do watch tv while surfing the internet with 5 browser windows open and playing Spider Solitaire. Unless my computer is stuck in safe mode. Then I beg Santa Claus for a new one.
  • I am usually a pessimist, except when the glass is all the way full. Then I might complain about the size of the glass. Soda, milk or juice please, I dislike the taste of alcohol.
  • I am proud to be an American, except when the Congress, the President, or the Corporations do stupid things.
  • I like cats, except when my cat is biting or clawing me (which happens more often than you would think since she likes to claw for treats).
  • I am on a gluten free diet. So forget the pie, cake and cookies, I can't eat them unless they're specially made. This includes fruitcake.
  • I like white chocolate mochas.
  • My (American) football team finally won the Big Game 2013 by a nice big margin, but I had to work and didn't get to watch any of it.
  • My keyboard has a problem. So I got a new one (finally). Now my mouse has a problem (so I use Mousekeys).
  • I am engaged and moving in with my fiance. happily married. He does the cooking and the laundry. I take out the trash. He has the final say on everything, meaning I have to make fewer final decisions. (If I were more decisive, maybe I'd actually finish more of the articles in my userspace that I cannot decide how to finish.)
  • I enjoy online karaoke. Here's a sample: [1]
  • Update: I got a new gaming headset - it works great for online karaoke. I also recently listened to Arabian rap music (yes, in Arabic), after a link was sent to me on Facebook Messenger. I'll listen to almost anything once. And no, I don't speak or understand Arabic - it was like listening to Simlish rap music.
  • I sometimes go by "userafw" - starting with the time I created that alias on AOL for my email address. Ask me about it sometime on Discord.
  • I like to set the comments sections of YouTube "Hell videos" in flames...often resulting in the disappearance shortly thereafter of said comment section.
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