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Hi, I'm Kip. Since the very beginning, I've traditionally described myself in the introduction of my userpage as "a nice guy who likes popcorn chicken". However, the 'nice guy' part of that description is now disputable, considering my love of popcorn chicken was so intense...well, let's just say I'm exempt from jury duty. You probably think that's a joke. I joined Uncyclopedia on February 13, 2007, and have been an admin since August 14, 2014. Hit me up on Discord as Kippy.

I swear I'm not as big of a neckbeard as this page would have you believe.


Major Awards

Useless Gobshite of the Month Award Useless Gobshite of the Month November 2008
Foolitzer Prize Award Foolitzer Prize Winner February 2011
Uncyclopedian of the Month Award Uncyclopedian of the Month December 2012
Foolitzer Prize Award Foolitzer Prize Winner March 2013

How I was inadvertently responsible for crashing Wikia and ruining Uncyclopedia for a day


Here's an interesting piece of historical trivia from back when Uncyclopedia was still Wikia's bitch. It involves Chuck Norris of all things.

For the longest time the article on Chuck Norris was exactly what you'd expect: Memey, cliché and edited over 9000 times by every Tom, Dick and Harry. It wasn't crap per se, but it wasn't fantastic. One day I casually suggested in the Uncyclopedia IRC that anyone who could rewrite it would be "the chosen one". Gifted writer Ljlego heard this as a clarion call to action. He rewrote the article to what it is today, and it was featured on September 20th, 2007.

A new featured article template for the Main Page was made around this time, and Chuck Norris was the first article to be placed on it. Unfortunately, on 9/21 at 0:00 UTC when the featured article was changed, the template caused a database error, of which lead to a crash in Wikia's servers. The consequence was Uncyclopedia having to be closed down for the majority of the day. By 9/22, all was peaceful in the world once again, and we moved on with our lives.

In conclusion, since I lead Ljlego to rewrite Chuck Norris, by a chain of causation:


True story.

My God

Someone must have been playing a very cruel joke at your expense when the powers that be decided an autistic semi-sentient semen-stained loofah like you would be perfect to run a comedy website, for comedy. I've seen my edits, and the edits of other users, reverted all because they didn't fit your dull, anal-retentive, OCD induced panic attack, sense of humor.

Here is all of your writing boiled down to one formula.

[Droll statement of fact] followed by [snide remark, likely with libertarian undertones].

I can understand, if I had to write like this for five or so years, I would probably go insane from the sheer, willful lack of imagination or creativity it would require. The parts of the brain that process funny would atrophy from neglect and melt and drip down my nose and form a sad pink puddle. It wouldn't matter to a hunchback bean counter like you, but it matters to everyone else whose sense of humor wasn't beaten out of them as a child.

You say your your writing, is dry, like a dry martini or dry aged beef. You brag about it on your userpage. It isn't. It's the dryness of old tissues caked with crusted snot. It's the dryness of crumbly dog poop roasting in the sun. It's the dryness of a well that spells doom for a poor African village.

I can see the beginnings of a grin forming in your acne spackled face. I see you lounging in a swivel chair splotched with brown and yellow stains, your paunch struggling bravely against the restraints of your khaki buttons as you huff and heave and spout unprompted free market invective at strangers on the internet. Your grubby index finger, dripping with funyun grease and taint sweat, lands firmly on your left mouse button as you revert yet another writer who's committed the unforgivable sin of not hoovering your internet micropenis.

"That's what you get," you snort in your contralto nasal twang. "You weren't being funny!" -- SD


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