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The National Typo Day takes place every July the 9th, the Independence Day of Palau,[1] in honor of Whoopsie, the world's first gay[2] person and the queen of Palau. Throughout the day, any typo-correction is disabled, and computers make it impossible to correct typos in any way.

"Too me,ev ery d eiy iss Natio nel Tipo De y!" - Whoopsie on National Typo Day

History[edit | edit source]

This day was created by Whoopsie in order to presewrve her very important legacy for her country. Some even say that the yellow circle on the flag of Palau represents a mistake or typo on the perfect blue background.[3]

Problems[edit | edit source]

More than once has somebody died because of this day, like when a space rocket exploded that one time, or the guy who misunderstood the part of the law written on this day.

As a result of this, the rules of National Typo Day do not apply to programmers or to law writing. Unfortunately. If it did, you could make rather interesting code or laws!

Some believe that the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 was the result of National Typo Day, which Ukraine took part in that year.

What it looks like[edit | edit source]

So it lookd prettuy annoying to read but is easey to type, as you never beed to worry about fixing typos. Fixing a tipotypo results in the death penalty.

In this death penalty, somebody impales your chext with a spear and rips it right out.

Why Whoopsie?[edit | edit source]

Whoopsie is a hero. Period.

Refrences[edit | edit source]

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