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Unregistered users are scumbag.

Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can view articles on Uncyclopedia, there are certain technical restrictions imposed at each level of the user hierarchy.

If you wish to master this hierarchy, you must first learn how to abuse the system, as seen below.

Anyone[edit source]

Unfortunately, some unregistered users are shameless vanity whores.

Unregistered users (commonly referred to as IPs, or soulless vanity whores), have the ability to

  • shit themselves laughing at any of the material here on Uncyclopedia.
  • edit unprotected pages.
  • create pages (but not user pages, or any user talk page but their own).
  • create an account (thus acquiring a soul).

Logged-in users[edit source]

Automated list: Special:ListUsers

After creating an account and being delivered a courteous yet impersonal welcome, logged-in users can

  • create pages.
  • upload media files.
  • maintain a watchlist.
  • customise how they see Uncyclopedia using Special:Preferences.

Creating an account is free, and only requires a username and password (but we still recommend you donate, or the site will eventually be forced by Jimbo Wales to make you pay for membership).

Autoconfirmed users[edit source]

Don't have autoconfirmed status? You'll have to deal with this.

Logged-in users who have made ten edits without getting banned are given the autoconfirmed user right after four days of being on Uncyclopedia.

These users can move pages, do CAPTCHA-triggering actions without having to wade through the tedious CAPTCHA process, edit semi-protected pages, and move pages and files. These users will also gain the ability to bypass many abuse filter rules put in place, because practically all autoconfirmed users aren't spambots.

Emailconfirmed users[edit source]

A user with a confirmed email address can enable email messages from other users, and can request lost passwords in the event of gross stupidity or a hacker accessing their account and changing the password thus immediately preventing them from using it.

Confirmed users[edit source]

Just like autoconfirmed users, but an explicit user group that can be added by an administrator or a bureaucrat so you can do the cool things without jumping through the usual hoops.

Extended confirmed users[edit source]

The error message you get when you aren't eligible to edit extended confirmed protected pages

This right is automatically granted to users with over 30 days tenure and at least 500 edits, and allows them to edit "extended confirmed protected" pages, which include many higher-use templates and more popular featured articles.

Flood[edit source]

Flood users are like bots, except that it's a right given to regular users who are being spammy, and you can take it off if you have it.

Rollbackers[edit source]

Users in the Rollback group have the ability to automatically revert vandalism edits back to the most recent non-vandalized version. Revisions can only be manually undone one at a time, but rollback will undo all edits of a single user at once, reverting the page to the last time someone else edited it. Rollback doesn't magically detect vandalism, so it must be used with care in order to avoid accidentally removing legitimate edits.

They can also patrol your edits and have their own edits patrolled automatically, and move pages without leaving a redirect ... ain' 'at sumpm?!

Rollback is given out by the administrators if you ask nicely (provided you have shown yourself to be a good contributor) or sometimes is given out without asking, in recognition of good work. Abuse of the function will usually result in it being revoked and/or some kind of plague.

Autopatrolled[edit source]

Normal users who have their edits patrolled automatically. Since this doesn't actually grant the user the ability to do anything extra, admins will simply assign it to users who frequently make excellent edits.

Thumbsucker[edit source]

Users in the thumbsucker group are people with the ability to view deleted page histories and revisions, information that is available only to them and the administrators. Although able to view this text, they cannot restore or delete pages. Useful to editors who want to re-write pages that have been deleted due to sucking. Abuse of this group to say copy paste articles without actually changing them will result in thumb removal, both in the usergroup and literally.

Abuse filter helpers[edit source]

Users in the abuse-filter helper user group (all 8 of them) have the ability to view (but not edit) public abuse filters. Although, unlike the parody site, we don't have LTAs on here, so this is generally only granted to allow people to abuse view filters to propose changes and the like.

Administrator traits include rage and bitterness.
PMS is a common side effect of adminship.

Administrators[edit source]

Main article: Uncyclopedia:Beginner's Guide/Acceptable admins
Automated list: Special:ListUsers/sysop
Active Admins: UN:AA

Administrators (also known as Adminses or Sysops) are the glorious shit waders of Uncyclopedia. They are the ones who keep us safe from vomit-inducing content and irritating fools.

Administrators can

  • ban you, if you disrupt the site, they are displeased with you, or if they are bored.
  • unban you, if feeling merciful, or if you have bitched to another admin about "abuse".
  • huff (delete) pages that are embarrassing, unfunny, or compromise national security. They can also delete all the pages recently created by a single person if that person was bad enough.
  • hack up pages that may have been wrongfully huffed by a fellow admin suffering from PMS.
  • restrict editing or moving of a page to autoconfirmed users or other administrators.
  • quickly revert vandalism and other dickery using rollback.
  • edit pages in the MediaWiki namespace (the interface), which affects how the site is displayed.
  • grant rollback and autopatrolled rights to you if you're good.
  • create and modify abuse filters to stop you from having too much fun.
  • change visibilities (hide or unhide) of revisions and log entries such as their contents, edit summaries, and usernames via Special:RevisionDelete.

This is a non-exhaustive list; see this page for a full list of granted rights for the administrator user group.

Bureaucrats[edit source]

Main article: Uncyclopedia:Bureaucrats
Automated list: Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat

Bureaucrats are administrators with the ability to

Check users[edit source]

Main article: Uncyclopedia:Check user
Automated list: Special:Listusers/checkuser

Check users are special administrators who have been entrusted with the ability to spy on you and figure out what IP you use via Special:CheckUser so they know if you're a sock puppet. Just when you thought you were safe, they sneak up on you and you can't even see what they do unless you're one of them.

Note: all Uncyclopedia administrators have the ability to use CheckUser by default, rendering this role unnecessary.

Sysadmins[edit source]

Automated list: Special:ListUsers/sysadmin

Fire-breathing monsters with the ability to destroy Uncyclopedia, sysadmins are friendly, kind users who are here to help.

The abilities of sysadmins are not widely known, but Mongolian spies have determined that they can

  • do everything bureaucrats and check users can.
  • spawn administrators, bureaucrats, check users and other sysadmins (don't bother asking, you'll get banned).
  • remove these rights when bored or feeling vengeful.
  • lock the database (preventing editing and log entries, which will cause all the Uncyclopedia addicts to go completely mad until it's unlocked).
  • hide log entries and revisions from all users, including sysops, via Special:RevisionDelete.