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Large Shit Dumpyard
This page is not a noticeboard.

This page documents "large shits", essentially users whom vandalize or otherwise disrupt Uncyclopedia in the long run, in order to assist members of the community who believe they may have cause to report another incident. Note that this page is not a noticeboard. Names should only be added for the most egregious and well-attested cases. Most users here will have been blocked under multiple occasions.

Cautionary notes
Don't provide too much info
The text should tread a careful balance between providing useful information and providing enough to obstruct detection. In general such information should only be shared with users of a high level of reputation.
Hints on useful info
Consider providing just a summary of the behaviors and nature of disruption, key case pages (e.g. their userpage), and the names of current experienced users familiar with the abuser (with their "giveaways", history, behavior traits, etc.)
Don't use LSD unless needed
Only add vandals that have a need to be pointed out. This includes sneaky sockpuppeteers, prolific trolls, POV-pushers, people that persistently make nonsensical articles, editors who add unfunny false or biased information and other editors who could be mistaken for confused or new good faith editors. Blatant vandals whose sockpuppet accounts would be blocked swiftly as vandalism-only even if they weren't evading a previous block usually do not need to be listed here.
A general rule of thumb for this is to only mention vandals whom have created five or more sockpuppet accounts and have evaded detection as vandals.
Use language carefully
Do not use language that glorifies vandalism. Do not use relative time phrases such as "lately", "recently" without qualification (use "As of date...").

For help, please ask an active admin. If you need more information on an user listed here, your best bet would be to contact the user that submitted the report, which can be found in the page history.

Purge Large Shit Dumpyard Now
Please note that this list is in reverse chronological order. For Wikipedia LTAs and our interpretation of them, see /Wikipedia.
Inactive LSDs are listed here: /archive.
LSD ID Featured vandal champion Description Timeframe Num. of socks
18 Crocotta1 Former active editor, longtime Illogicopedia vandal and as of May 2023, an Uncyc vandal too. Usually uploads a bunch of images (sometimes NSFW) and puts them wherever, usually userpages, talkpages and spam pages. Has an unusually strong obsession with hyenas. Usually easy to spot based on the images she uploads, usually related to foreskin or being something that she drew, and her usernames, typically being connected to hyenas, foreskin, Judaism, or being in an East Asian language, although Svex has used usernames in East Asian languages as well. (list of examples here). May 2023-present 20
11 Svex 88134kg Serial vandal, who tends to really like redirecting pages, blanking pages and creating spam pages consisting of simple mathematical expressions (typically addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and astronomy (weirdly enough). His vandalism frequently contains a philosophical or political undertone, typically misogynistic and/or referencing children, though usually poorly written, difficult to understand and occasionally in other languages. Engages in edit wars with editors who revert them and vandalises their talk pages, sometimes (but not always) making death threats. Present throughout various multilingual Uncyclopedias, as well as Illogicopedia. Block with talk page disabled & tag on sight. IPs should be /24 hardblocked; use temporary blocks in those cases. By far the most active vandal on this list, with attacks coming roughly once per week. 2021-present at least 140
02 Willy on Wheels! A.K.A. The vandal of the century One of the first vandal champions, this page is set to become his memorial for sooo winning at life. Moves pages to (pagename) on wheels!, and uses HTML scripts to reinforce his glory. He has vandalised and conquered all languages of Wikipedia and has done the same to all MediaWiki non-Wikipedia wikis prior to 2008 as well. Nominated to be the vandalgod of the year 3 times, in 2004, 2005, and 2006, until Grawp. 2004-present Unknown
01 <insert name here> One of the most powerful vandals that has ever struck Wikipedia and other Wikimedia wikis, as well as 50 Wikia wikis ran by 12-year-old kids. Moves pages to YOGER???? and registers names such as “ADMIN likes sucking <insert name here>'s disproportionately massive set of genitals”, as well as replacing pages with sexual jokes and shock images. Has been pwning wikis since 2010. DO NOT LET THIS USER POST IN YOUR TALK PAGE, or your account will be hacked by their 1337 haxxing skills. A lot of users have learnt this lesson. If you see a sockpuppet of this user, just report them to an admin on the Discord (NOT on the userpage of an admin, or they will revert it), and the admin will block it. Unknown