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This page in a nutshell: While it is impossible to delete an Uncyclopedia account proper, because of how MediaWiki works, any user in good standing, and who wishes to leave Uncyclopedia forever, may request renaming of their account, deletion or blanking of user pages, and/or other procedures to completely disappear from Uncyclopedia. This procedure, called courtesy vanishing, does not include the deletion of all user contributions.

The usual way to leave Uncyclopedia is to cease editing entirely. That's the route the majority of users who have quit Uncyclopedia, including many of our admins, have chosen to take. However, there can be moments where a user may wish to disassociate oneself from their Uncyclopedia identity, for example, if required for a professional career. We offer a procedure for this, called courtesy vanishing. A permanently departing user, when requesting to vanish, will witness the following happening:

You will be missed.
  • Their user account will be renamed to User:DeletedUserXXXXX, and;
  • Their user page and (if requested) subpages will be deleted, and will be invisible to all non-admins, and;
  • Their public-facing pages may be deleted (if requested), and;
  • Their user talk pages, depending on a bureaucrat's discretion, may be deleted (if requested), and;
  • Their signature may be modified, if the signature was a template.

Courtesy vanishing is offered on a discretionary basis, and may be refused by a bureaucrat. It is not intended to be temporary. It is not a way to avoid scrutiny or to hide from prior bad behavior. It is not a fresh start and does not guarantee anonymity. Any of the deleted pages may be undeleted, depending on what admins choose to say. If the user returns, the "vanishing" will likely be fully reversed, the old and new accounts will be linked, and any outstanding restrictions or blocks will be fully resumed. Permanently blocked users may not request a courtesy vanishing unless an administrator has chosen to pardon the user in question (if eligible) or the bureaucrat making the user vanish waives the requirement on a discretionary basis; if the requirement is waived by a bureaucrat, they must ensure that the vanishing process does not enable an evasion of scrutiny (e.g. keeping a user page with the blocking notice as-is). Temporarily blocked users must wait until their block expires to be eligible for a courtesy vanishing, but the bureaucrat who performs the vanishing process may waive this requirement with good cause or alternatively in a way which does not enable an evasion of scrutiny.

Due to all contributions being licensed under the CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 license, it is not possible to delete an account in the traditional sense.

How to request a courtesy vanishing

First, consider whether you really want to vanish, or whether simply retiring or a fresh start (with the aid of a sockpuppet, an alternate account) might be more appropriate. Vanishing is a typically irreversible procedure and should only be used when you wish to stop editing forever and also to hide as many of your past associations as possible.

The simplest procedure to request a courtesy vanishing is to leave {{DMA}} on your user talk page, then to leave a message for a bureaucrat on their talk page. Alternatively, you can also request a courtesy vanishing by joining our Discord server to request it. Requesting the courtesy vanishing on both the Discord server and the Uncyclopedia website is recommended, since it can serve as some form of a two-factor authentication in order to prevent malicious actions by third parties.

If you have questions about vanishing, or have concerns that might be addressable by a less permanent method, you may want to contact an administrator or a bureaucrat for advice. Note that administrators cannot perform courtesy vanishings; you must ask a bureaucrat.

Users who have requested a courtesy vanishing

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