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There is currently no specific copyright policy on Uncyclopedia, but copyright notices are encouraged and copyright violations are discouraged. Users should try to post the copyright status along with the file uploaded. Users should also post a link to where they obtained the image from and include any required attributions.

Some Rights Reversed

Uncyclopedia's license

Content is posted to Uncyclopedia by users who are ultimately responsible, per the Terms of Use of this site, for ensuring that the works they upload or post, and their use, is not in violation of a held copyright. Furthermore, Uncyclopedia and its content use the Creative Commons BY-NoShit-SA 2.0 license.

Copyright violations

If there is an image or certain text which you believe violates a copyright you hold then please e-mail us with proof that you are the original copyright holder and that use of your work on Uncyclopedia violates your copyright. We will respond to all e-mails excluding those which have cease-and-desist letters from your Uncle Vinny, crying, begging, or death threats.

Finding media

All content on Uncyclopedia is subject to copyright, including audio, text, and images. Users are encouraged to try and use images that have already been uploaded to Uncyclopedia instead of uploading their own (the images category is always a good start). If no pictures on Uncyclopedia work for you then please try searching for public domain or Creative Commons images at one of the following places: