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“Mama? Mama Luigi!...ha ha ha ha ha!”

~ Mario on this article[1]
Mama Luigi is as confused about his egg-laying capabilities as his brother.

Luigi is a character in the Mario video game series. He is the often-neglected brother of Mario, despite being more agile and being able to jump higher than his sibling. He is a major sufferer of DID (dissociative identity disorder), and has been known to call himself "Mama Luigi."

How it happened[edit]

The mamafication of Luigi took place somewhere in Dinosaur World. While peacefully walking through Dinosaur World, Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach stumble upon a place called Dome City. Upon entering the city, a pack of dangerous reptilian creatures suddenly appear out of nowhere and attack the threesome. Luigi is separated from the others and is attacked by a really fat reptile which causes an earthquake by moving its feet. A fissure is created and Luigi unpreventably falls into it. After falling for a couple hours, Luigi spots a P-Balloon, commonly known as a "Magic Balloon". Luigi manages to land on it and its pregnancy-inducing magic[2] activates, instantly implanting an egg into Luigi's magically created womb.

Because the dinosaurs had spent a few weeks in the USA, Mama Luigi and Yoshi were able to make their escape.

Immediately afterwards, Mama Luigi lands on a hospital bed floating in hot lava. Sadly, however, the hospital bed falls off a lava waterfall[3] but Mama Luigi automagically manages not to fall into the hot lava. After jumping around a little bit, Mama Luigi gives birth to Yoshi's egg, which instantly hatches. Suddenly, mama and son are approached by a blue and a purple dinosaur.[4] They're the first dinosaurs our plumbing heroes encounter in Dinosaur World.[5] Luckily, Mama Luigi and Yoshi can escape because the two dinosaurs are unrealistically slow.

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  1. “Yeah, well I didn't think it was so funny.”
  2. The P stands for pregnancy.
  3. A lavafall?
  4. We're pretty sure some drugs were involved.
  5. What a lousy theme park!
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