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If you see any dinner, keep it away from the King.
Mario's head staring into your soul.


~ Mario's Head stating the obvious

“My sentiments, exactly!”

~ Captain Obvious on the above quote

Mario's Head is a disembodied, incredibly annoying head that says pointless things. It is somewhat of an evil counterpart to Mario when he still had a body. He has starred in many games ranging since his first appearance in the 1992 PC game Mario Teaches Typing, a game that he himself created. His most recent appearance was in the 2010 video game Super Mario Galaxy 2 where he acted as a spaceship for Mario and Luigi. He goes berserk whenever people refuse to give him a computer.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Mario's Head was born when Mario was decapitated with a guillotine after he was captured by Bowser and his Koopas. Miraculously, he survived his execution and his head started floating around, much to the horror of everyone watching the execution. Apparently, this was a side effect of the fact that Mario had multiple lives to use when he took on Bowser. His brother Luigi, who was sadly attending the execution, was happy and both frightened at the same time. It was even more horrifying when the disembodied head started speaking. His first words were "Press the Start button to play!"

What Mario's Head wants the princess to wear.

Mario Teaches Typing[edit | edit source]

Not long after this incident, Mario started a game entitled Mario Teaches Typing. He taught things about typing everybody knew, such as using the keyboard for example. He also taunted people when he did things that people can't, such as flying around. Because of this, it was not very popular. Even his brother Luigi hated the game. In fact, he assembled a mob to kill the Talking Mario Head...but of course that didn't work.

Super Mario 64[edit | edit source]

After the typing incident, Mario got a role in Super Mario 64. Once again, the players despised Mario's Head, and devised a way to torture him, by mutating his face with the Nintendo 64's cursor. They had great fun doing it. They also swirled a star around him occasionally, much to his annoyance. Due to his attackers being protected by the Fourth Wall, there was nothing he was able to do about it.

Mario's Head spying on girls in the shower.

Super Mario 64 DS[edit | edit source]

Mario's Head later became part of Super Mario 64 DS. His role was similar to before. He also starred in a few video games, such as when he forced his friend Yoshi to search for treasure for him by using telekinesis to press a gun against his dinosaur head, or trying to recapture Yoshi when he tried to escape from him and got trapped in a Tox Box along with two other Yoshis. Basically, he was just as annoying as before. His friend Yoshi Head also decided to help him annoy others as well.

Current events[edit | edit source]

Mario's Head has recently somehow gotten reattached to its body and is now playing several games such as Checkers and Backgammon with unsuspecting players. He is quite prone to cheating, and is quite a sore loser. In fact, he once threw a chess board all across the room.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mario's Head is not very intelligent, and can easily be distracted if he saw food, drinks, or a computer. He is also considered incredibly annoying, taunting others by doing things they could not do due to the fact that they had a body. He also is fond of Pong, and would often impersonate people playing a game of it. He is also very clumsy, as he can never stop hitting his nose no matter how hard he tries.

He also has an unhealthy obsession with Princess Peach, and wants to do all kinds of kinky things to her. He is currently stalking her every time she takes a bath or every time she changes her clothes (the latter of which she almost never does, fortunately). Interestingly enough, he also has a similar obsession with his brother Luigi.

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