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Super Smash Bros.: Xtreme Beach Volleyball is a spinoff game to the popular Super Smash Bros. fighting game series. SSBX, unlike the rest of the series, is not a fighting game, but rather a "Sports Fantasy Simulation" game, a cross between a dating sim and a somewhat Pong-like volleyball simulator. The events of SSBX take place between Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and are considered canon to the overarching storyline.

Using his winnings from the SSBM tournament, Mr. Game & Watch heads off to Vegas for some gambling. He hits the jackpot playing slots and wins a rather large sum of money. Using this money, he procures himself an island and names it Mr. Game & Watch Island. He then sends out invitations stating that the next SSB tournament, SSBB, will be held on Mr. Game & Watch Island. As the competitors begin to arrive, however, they realize that he's tricked them. He only sent out the invitation to the female competitors, there is no tournament, and the girls are now stuck on the island for two weeks with nothing to do but play volleyball and shop. (more...)


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Wario is a noted vandal and blanker.


Did you know that:

  • I hope she made lots of spaghetti.

<option>*You kill innocent Toads by bashing bricks. (At least in Mario games.)</option>

  • If you need instructions on how get through the hotels, check out the enclosed instruction book.

<option>*You kill innocent Toads by bashing bricks. (At least in Mario games.)</option>


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