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We live in a society

Society is an abstract thought of people and culture as an entity, thinking and acting alike. It is the collective goal of humans which is always mistaken to have been achieved, thus subjecting its value and usage to degradation.

Society only finds skinny people attractive, but is fat itself. Society doesn't like to stereotype people, except those damn Mexicans with their beans and rice. Society thinks foreigners should learn English before coming to America, but needs to find an English-speaker when it goes on vacation abroad. Society finds prison rape hilarious. Society believes America to be the greatest country on the motherfucking planet! Society preaches that gays should have equal rights... Just not in front of Society. Society knows that anyone who doesn't stand up during the Star-Spangled Banner is obviously a Communist. Society has no gender, yet seems to favor white, Christians . But trust us, Society's not biased or hypocritical at all. Prepare for we live in a society jokes.

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PERSONAL ATTN: Staci Loman 1432 Kitchenside Dr. Probably like, Ohio

Dear Ms. Loman,

I know this information is coming at an inopportune time in your life; having a deaf sister is never an easy burden to bear. And I know that the recent C+ in Geometry has severely affected your relationship with your parents for the time being, leading to a terribly unfortunate loss of car-borrowing privileges. I also heard about your cat Chuckles. Again, I’m terribly sorry. However, I believe the time has come for us to see other people. Other people, as in absolutely not each other

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Trojan Horse

Looking for protection for your stallion? Safe sex whilst getting your oats? Look no further than Trojan Horse condoms. For the serious rider. Available in "Large", "Extra Large" and "Ouch!".

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"Holy shit, an UnNews reporter and comedic god actually watched my piss poor excuse for a show?..."

NEW YORK CITY, New York -- Jon Stewart, comedian news reporter for the Daily Show, has apparently plagiarized an UnNews column wrote on the 14th of June, titled UnNews:Obama rewards terrorists. Stewart's piece, titled "Guantanamo Baywatch - Uighur, Please", was a thinly veiled remake of the article already appearing on the awarding winning UnNews.

Charges of plagiarism are serious, and outside opinions usually sought, even in obvious cases. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd was asked for her opinion, she being an expert in plagiarism.…

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“If a woman starts talking about a wedding you know you are entering a world of pain.”
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