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I just lurk here.

Bowser Koopa was a Koopa Troopa who is the founder of the Mushroom Kingdom, and attempted to start Another Castle®, but failed. He was killed but revived, and now spends his days go-karting. He's also a simp for Princess Peach.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Bowser Koopa was born on January 16th, 1946, in Soviet Kazakhstan to Alcide and Cheneso Koopa, the eighth of their thirteen children. At a young age Bowser developed many bad habits, such as barfing, deforesting and carjacking. Alcide didn't care, mainly because she was a cyclone and not a Koopa Troopa. Bowser was resented by Cheneso, who was also a cyclone. He was also bullied by the other twelve kids whose names I don't give a shit about. Alcide almost died from a stroke, but was revived by some favourable conditions, and cyclones don't have brains.

School[edit | edit source]

When he was four, like most in the wild northwestern world, Bowser started school. He soon met Kamek, who was a lonely boy and also four. They quickly became friends, and Kamek also developed bad habits. At age eleven, I think, they dropped out and ran away to Lichtenstein.

Meeting Kamek[edit | edit source]

Together, they ate a family of five and took their house. They luckily ate a very rich family, but then gambled $32,000 on a restaurant, and lost. They then got the not so bright idea to start Another Castle®, which would have lasting consequnces. But Lichtenstein was too small to have a restaurant, so they moved to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Life in the Mushroom Kingdom[edit | edit source]

They took all the money and converted it into coins, of which they had exactly 1,411,758, and starting a restaurant would be 700,000, plus 50,000 for gamecubes as food, which led to the Great Tree Death of '77. They founded it on July 21st, 1957, when they were both eleven years old. He then met Princess Peach, and asked if they could start a restaurant. She said yes, but only if she could be featured in the likeness. And so, they founded Another Castle®.

Another Castle®[edit | edit source]

When running Another Castle®, Bowser met all those Mario characters, and hired them accordingly (see Another Castle® for details.) However, Kamek soon died from diabetes. This had a lasting effect, and Bowser would never be the same. His funeral was held shortly after, and Bowser became very very cruel and corrupt. He started harassing his workers, customers, the people who are reporting this, and aw shit they're dead. And so is Bowser. Funeral to be held soon. Oh, he's alive. And taking off.

The end.