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My Little Womb Newt: Pregnancy is Sexy is part of

The UnScripts Project

Your personal Shakspearian folio of humor, love, woe and other silly emotions

Part 1: The Newt[edit | edit source]


(The story begins with Fluttershy walking around Froggybottom Pond)

Fluttershy: Ah, what a beautiful day. I love sitting here at the edge of the lake...

(A large newt suddenly climbs out of the water and up near Fluttershy)

Fluttershy: Wow, I've never seen a creature like this! I'm going to take it home with me.

(The camera fades away to show Fluttershy at home in her room about to fall asleep. The large newt is in an open-top tank)

Fluttershy: I've had a hard day. First with those stupid valley fillies, and then seeing all those colts around the Gravid and Powerful Trixie, which is what Trixie has started calling herself since she got pregnant. I'm just glad to get some sleep.

???: Psst.

Fluttershy: Who's there?

Newt: It's me, That newt you found at the edge of the lake. Listen, could you take me out of this tank?

(Fluttershy walks over, then takes the newt out of its tank. She is naked because ponies are always naked)

Newt: Could you do me a favour?

Fluttershy: What do you want?

Newt: Could I crawl up into your belly?

Fluttershy: What? No! I don't want to be pregnant with a newt! Rainbow Dash would kill me if they found out I was pregnant.

Newt: Trust me. You won't look pregnant. Just let me get inside you. Also, it's your job to find housing for animals, right? Well, newts live in mammalian uteruses.

Fluttershy Well, um, Rainbow Dash said no

Newt: You don't want me to be homeless, do you (The newt gives Fluttershy puppy-dog eyes)

Fluttershy: no, but, um Rainbow Dash wouldn't like it.

Newt She doesn't have to find out, just try it for a minute.

Fluttershy: You promise it won't hurt and make me feel pregnant?

Newt: I promise.

Fluttershy: And you promise that if I don't like you inside my belly, that you'll crawl out and leave me alone?

Newt: I promise.

Fluttershy: Okay then.

Fluttershy right after the newt fully entered her uterus

(Fluttershy sits back on her bed)

Fluttershy: Okay, here you go...

(Fluttershy picks up the newt and is about to shove it up her when it stops her. It whispers something to her, then she puts it down right in front of her)

Newt: Trust me, you'll enjoy this.

Fluttershy: I hope so.

(The newt enters Fluttershy's belly, causing it to expand, much to Fluttershy's horror.)

Fluttershy: You lied. You said I wouldn't look pregnant.

(Fluttershy's pregnant belly suddenly starts shrinking, until it barely looks like she's pregnant)

Newt: There. Happy now?

Fluttershy: Thanks. So why did you have to do that?

Newt: I needed a home, and the only home newts live in is a female pony's belly.

Fluttershy: I understand, but why me?

Newt: You were the closest female pony I could get to. Now, could you do me a favour and go back to Froggybottom pond?

(The camera shows Fluttershy sitting on her knees in the Froggybottom Pond).

Fluttershy: You know what? I'm starting to enjoy this. Remember how I didn't want to look pregnant before? Well, now I want to look as pregnant as possible. How would you do that?

Newt: Well... Okay then. Pat your belly once.

Fluttershy: Okay. (a ripple in the water shows her hoof moved, and she displays a look of pain on her face as her belly gets bigger)

Newt: Pat your belly again when you want me to stop growing. (She pats it again, and her belly stops growing) You're really getting the hang of this!

Fluttershy: You know, I thought being pregnant was painful and sad, but when you're pregnant with a newt, it's actually wonderful.

Newt: That's good. I have another surprise for you tomorrow.

Fluttershy: Really? I wonder what it'll be... (scene fades to the next morning)

Fluttershy's huge plot

(Fluttershy wakes up, then looks into the mirror, seeing that her plot is much bigger)

Fluttershy: Wow... I never realized how sexy being pregnant could be...

Newt: That's good, for you have learned of the sexiness of pregnancy.

Fluttershy: Now I know how the Gravid and Powerful Trixie felt when she was becoming pregnant. (She keeps massaging her belly as it grows and shrinks) I have this feeling around my belly. It kind of hurts, but I like it, and it's getting bigger, and bigger, and... Now it's stopped. I'm gonna love having a newt in my belly...

(suddenly Spike enters)

Spike: What's going on?

Fluttershy Um, nothing, nothing whatever.

Spike It looks like you're pregnant.

Fluttershy Please don't tell anypony. If Rainbow Dash finds out, she'll kill me.

Spike I won't tell if you let me look at your belly for a while.

Fluttershy Normally, that would be creepy, but since you're classified as a pet and not a person, it's ok.

Part 2: The Gravid and Powerful Trixie[edit | edit source]

(As Spike is looking at Fluttershy's pregnant belly, Rainbow Dash crashes through a window. Fluttershy pulls up a blanket, hoping Rainbow Dash doesn't see her belly. The newt in her belly also shrinks)

Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy, something terrible has happened, Trixie is back!

Fluttershy: Oh my, is she challenging Twilight to a magic duel again?

Rainbow Dash: No, it's much worse, I don't have time to explain, come quick.

(Rainbow grabs Fluttershy before she can say anything, and flies to the town square. Trixie is talking to a mob of ponies when they arrive)

Trixie Behold, the Gravid and Powerful Trixie has returned to seek revenge on Twilight Sparkle and her friends. (Rainbow Dash flies over to Trixie)

Even the Gravid and Powerful Trixie is in awe of Trixie's pregginess

Rainbow Dash And how do you plan on doing that? Twilight has defeated you like twice already.

Trixie The Gravid and Powerful Trixie has a power greater than magic. Behold, the Gravid and Powerful Trixie now uses the power of the sexiness of pregnancy. (Trixie drops her cape, revealing a hugely pregnant belly)

Rainbow Dash Uh, what now?

Trixie The Gravid and Powerful Trixie will use the sensual beauty of her pregnant form to control all the colts in Ponyville.

Rainbow Dash Uh, Trixie, nopony thinks that pregnancy is sexy.

Trixie You doubt the sexiness of the Gravid and Powerful Trixie? The Gravid and Powerful Trixie will give you a sample. Snips, Snails, be Trixie's man-servants, and the Gravid and Powerful Trixie will let you look at Trixie's belly (Trixie rubs her belly)

Snips Sure

Snails uhh, okay.

Applejack Wait just a gosh darn minute here, those two are a few apples short of a bushel, so that don't prove nothing.

Trixie Perhaps that was too easy. Very well, the Gravid and Powerful Trixie will show a real demonstration of the power of the Sexiness of Pregnancy. Big Mac, if you give Trixie all your apples, the Gravid and Powerful Trixie let you look at Trixie's gravid and powerful belly (Trixie rubs her belly again)

Big Mac Eyupp.

Applejack No, Mac, y'all can resist her gravid charms

Trixie It is no use, no colt can resist Gravid and Powerful Trixie, isn't that right, Big Mac?

Big Mac Eyupp.

Trixie Behold the power of the sexiness of pregnancy! Now, all you colts, be my slaves, and I'll let you at Trixie's gravid and powerful belly!

Spike must... serve.. the Gravid and Powerful... Trixie...

Twilight Sparkle Not Spike too (she teleports back to her tree-library house)

Twilight Spike, snap out of it! (she bucks Spike in the head)

Spike Ow, what, what happened?

Twilight The Great and Powerful Trixie, who is now calling herself the Gravid and Powerful Trixie, is pregnant, and she is using her hot pregnant belly to enslave all the colts in Ponyville.

Spike Awesome, I'll go enthral myself to her right now.

Twilight SPIKE!

Spike Well, I am sorta a slave already, and I don't get to see any preggo bellies here. The closest I've seen working for you is when you overate at the Apple Family reunion.

Twilight How can you be attracted to pregnancy anyway? Dragons are reptiles and lay eggs for Celestia's sake!

Spike Since it's unnatural for a reptile, it makes it even hotter by adding a forbidden mystic.

Twilight So you really want to be Trixie's slave?

Spike Well, yeah. (Spike goes off to serve Trixie. Soon after, Fluttershy arrives)

Fluttershy Twilight, have you seen that the Great and Powerful Trixie is back and that she is using the sexiness of pregnancy to control all the colts in Ponyville?

Twilight Yes, Spike ran off to be Trixie's slave so that he can look at her preggo belly.

Fluttershy Oh dear, maybe I can help.

Twilight Are you sure? The sexiness of Trixie's pregginess is very powerful, maybe even stronger than the magic of friendship.

Fluttershy I know, but I have to try. I am good with animals.

Twilight I'll go with you then.

Fluttershy Thanks, but I need to talk to him alone if that is ok.

Twilight Good luck (Fluttershy searches for and finds Spike)

Spike must... serve.. the Gravid and Powerful... Trixie...

Fluttershy Spike, snap out of it, please

Spike must... serve.. the Gravid and Powerful... Trixie... (Fluttershy shakes Spike)

Spike must... serve.. the Gravid and Powerful... Trixie...

Newt (speaking from Fluttershy's womb) Fluttershy, have you forgotten about the sexiness of pregnancy?

Fluttershy What do you mean?

Newt Here I'll show you. (the newt expands, making Fluttershy hugely pregnant)

Spike What, what happened?

Newt By being hugely pregnant yourself, you can overcome the sexiness of Trixie's preggo belly, and use the sexiness of pregnancy for good, rather than evil. (Fluttershy's belly goes back to normal)

Fluttershy But that means I'll need to be the centre of attention, and I don't like attention, especially "that kind" of attention.

Newt Maybe you could convince all your friends to be pregnant with newts too, so the focus won't all be you.

Fluttershy That makes sense.

Spike Yes, we should run back to Twilight's house right away and tell her that she and all her friends should get pregnant with newts

Fluttershy But what if they find that I already am pregnant with a newt? Do know how mad Rainbow Dash would be if she found out I am pregnant?

Spike Simple, I'll suggest the idea, and we won't have to reveal your pregnancy until we convince them to use the sexiness of pregnancy against Trixie.

Fluttershy Thank you Spike (They go back to Twilight's house, and find all the Mane 6 there)

Twilight We you able to convince Spike to be my slave again?

Spike Yeah, she broke Trixie's influence over me.

Twilight Good, I was trying to figure out how to break Trixie's power over every colt in Ponyville.

Spike What if you tried the same tactic, only on a larger scale?

Twilight What do you mean?

Spike Well, if you all get pregnant, maybe you can use the sexiness of pregnancy to free the colts from Trixie's influence. (Twilight bucks Spike in rage)

Twilight That is the stupidest idea I ever heard, and I just finished reading The 10,001 Stupidest Ideas Ever Created.

Rainbow Dash Being pregnant is definitely, 100 percent, not cool.

Rarity I'm not going to ruin my girly figure.

Pinkie Pie With how much cake I eat, if I get pregnant, I'll probably get gestational diabetes, and I don't want to get diabetes!

Applejack If I get knocked up, I won't be able to buck apples, then Sweet Apple Acres will go bankrupt

Fluttershy Yeah, Spike, your idea... is like bad... if, um... that's ok

Rarity Maybe Spike is on to something, though.

Twilight What do you mean?

Rarity's duck face

Rarity Maybe we can use tactics similar to Trixie's, without ruining our figures. What if I try using the sexiness of duck face to overcome the sexiness of pregnancy?

Twilight That might work.

Rarity I'll go see if I can find a colt nearby, you girls watch in case something happens

Rainbow Dash Right. Fluttershy and I will go near second-story windows, while the rest of you stand next to the door. (The ponies take their positions, as Rarity leaves).

Spike I'll go check on Fluttershy to make sure she isn't hiding in a closet somewhere.

Twilight Good idea Spike (Spike goes to find Fluttershy, who is on the opposite side of the tree-house-library thing as Rainbow Dash).

Spike Why didn't you defend the idea of using the sexiness of pregnancy?

Fluttershy You saw how much everypony hated the idea.

Spike But we need to use the sexiness of pregnancy to defeat Trixie!

Fluttershy Maybe not, what if Rarity can overcome the sexiness of pregnancy with the sexiness of duck face?

Spike That isn't going to happen.

Fluttershy But we should try, getting pregnant with a newt is a major decision, and I shouldn't pressure the others into doing it if we can defeat Trixie some other way. (scene switches to Rarity and Big Mac, in front of Twilight's house. Big Mac is pulling a cart of apples).

Rarity (using duckface) Oh Big Macintosh, can you help me with something?

Big Mac Sorry, but I need to bring apples to the Gravid and Powerful Trixie's coronation festival as Empress of Ponyville. Actually, the Gravid and Powerful Empress Trixie is going to rename this place to Preggyville. So, in short, nope.

Rarity It will just take a second, I'm sure a big strong stallion like yourself can get the cart there in time. (bats eyes).

Big Mac I'm sorry, but if I slack on the job, Trixie won't let me look at her gravid and powerful belly So again, nnnope!

Rarity Oh, I do seem to have lost my contact (Rarity leans over putting her plot in Big Mac's face) can you help me find it?

Big Mac Sorry, but like I said, I'm busy, now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to work, so again, nnnope.

Rarity Pervert (storms back to Twilight's house)

Twilight How did it go?

Rarity Horrible, he didn't pay any attention to me.

Spike Maybe you're going about this wrong, and you need to make more extreme measures.

Twilight You're right, Spike, maybe if I use the sexiness of erotic farting, I can defeat the sexiness of pregnancy

Rarity Ew... that isn't very, um, lady-like, Twilight...

Twilight demonstrating an erotic fart

Twilight Yes, but the stallions seem to like it, and Spike said we need to take more extreme measures.

Rarity Well, one must try everything in an emergency.

Twilight Spike, get over here and tell me how my gas smells. (Spike comes over, and Twilight releases a small fart in Spike's face).

Spike I think it smelled a bit flat, you might need to eat more hay to get the scent right.

Rainbow Dash I think it smells good enough (everyone looks at Rainbow Dash) What, I occasionally erotically fart on stallions, and I know what they like.

Twilight Maybe you could help then.

Pinkie Pie Oh, and me too, I like doing random and mildly gross things.

Apple Jack And I reckon I can help y'all, bein' a hillbilly and all.

Twilight Perfect, all four of us will erotically fart on the next colt that walks by. Rarity and Fluttershy can stay back here since they will just get in the way. (Dr. Whooves walks by).

Twilight Hello, how are you doing? (Twilight steps in front of Dr. Whooves's path)

Dr. Whooves Hi, I'm going to help the Gravid and Powerful Empress Trixie build a time machine if you'll excuse me

Rainbow Dash Now girls (Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie jump out of the bushes, and they, along with Twilight, all erotically fart on Dr. Whooves)

Dr. Whooves What was that about?

Twilight What, don't you like the smell of our plots?

Dr. Whooves Yes, I do think all your farts are erotic, but I am rather busy at the moment. If I don't build the time machine on time, then the Gravid and Powerful Empress Trixie won't let me look at her belly.

Twilight Can't you have your future self build the time machine and send it back here?

Dr. Whooves I could, but that might create time paradoxes. Those are always a pain to fix, now, if you'll excuse me, I need to be on my way (Pinkie Pie farts again)

Pinkie Pie No, excuse me

Dr. Whooves While that was somewhat amusing, I really must be on my way, good day to you ladies. (the four go back to Twilight's house)

Rarity How did that work?

Twilight Horrible.

Rarity Maybe we need some backup.

Twilight What do you mean?

Rarity Maybe we need to call Princess Celestia.

Twilight That is a great idea, Spike, take a letter: Dear Princess Celestia, the Great and Powerful Trixie has returned. She is apparently using something called the "Sexiness of Pregnancy" to control all the colts in Ponyville. She nearly enslaved Spike, but Fluttershy was able to break Trixie's control. However, we seem unable to free any colts from her power. We have tried duckface and erotically farting, but nothing worked. Please send help as soon as possible. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle. (Spike uses his fax machine powerz)

Apple Jack Now what?

Twilight We wait for a response from Princess Celestia

Part 3: A New Hope[edit | edit source]

(Spike vomits forth a letter)

Spike My faithful student, I have received your letter about Trixie, and have sent Shining Armor and Princess Cadance to assist you. They should be arriving by magic teleportation in in 5.7 seconds, give or take, depending on how fast Spike reads this. Sincerely, Princess Celestia of Equestria

(suddenly, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance appear)

Twilight I'm glad you're here

Shining Armor We came as soon we heard that Trixie had taken over Ponyville.

Twilight Wait, are you sure you should be here? Trixie's powers seem to only affect stallions.

Shining Armor Twilight, I'm a gelding, like all the royal guards. I've had my testicles surgically removed for just such an occasion.

Twilight When did that happen!?

Shining Armor Years ago when I joined the royal guard. Haven't you ever noticed my lack of testicles?

Twilight Come to think of it, I never really paid much attention to your crotch. Wait, if you don't any balls, why did Cadance marry you?

Cadance the shemale (penis censored by Wikia)

Shining Armor Because she is a shemale. She looks like a female, but has a penis.

Twilight You mean she is a transsexual?

Shining Armor Not exactly, a transsexual wants to change genders, while a shemale is comfortable with her male genitalia. Most stallions don't like shemales, but the only way I can any sexual satisfaction at all if when Cadance penetrates my gelding-plot with her penis, or horn if she wants to be really kinky, but I digress. My point is that I need anal stimulation to orgasm, and Cadance can go it without making me feel too homosexual. Didn't you think it was weird that Cadance is the only mare with a penis?

Twilight Well, she had both a horn and wings, so her penis didn't seem that weird.

Rainbow Dash I hate to stop the anatomy lesson, but we need to stop Trixie.

Cadance Maybe I can use my love spell to counter the evil lusts of Trixie. Shining Armor and Twilight can support the spell. The rest of you hide here in case something goes wrong. (Shining Armor, Cadance, and Twilight hide in the bushes. A few moments later, Thunderlane walks by)

Cadance Ok, now (The three ponies jump out, and Cadance casts were love spell. Magical energy beams flow from Twilight's and Shining Armor's horn to Cadance's magic beam)

Thunderlane Must... serve... the Gravid and Powerful... Empress... Trixie... even... more... (starts running toward where ever it was he was going)

Shining Armor Did that spell not work?

Cadance No, it worked, but that is problem. The sexiness of pregnancy is a natural, not magical, effect. The spell, if anything, has made Thunderlane even more servile to Trixie. (the three walk back inside Twilight's house)

Twilight How can we defeat Trixie?

Cadance We need something more sexy than pregnancy.

Shining Armor Well, you know what I like. (looks creepily at Cadance's penis)

Cadance Are you suggesting that I use show off my penis?

Rainbow Dash Ew, penises are gross

Shining Armor Well, you could try that, but penises really aren't made for decoration, if you know what I mean.

Cadance Our you suggesting I mount the next stallion that walks by?

Shining Armor Well, only if need to. I'm not saying you should do it, but as your husband, I would understand if it must be done.

Cadance Is there any other option?

Spike Well, there is that one thing I suggested earlier.

Twilight SPIKE! No pony wants to try that.

Cadance What did he suggest?

Twilight He thought we should all get pregnant to counter Trixie's pregginess.

Cadance Wow, that is stupid.

Shining Armor Getting back to the issue at hand, do we all agree that nopony will get mad if Cadance needs to mount the next stallion who walks by, regardless of who it is.

Everypony Agreed

Cadance Ok (Big Mac is seen walking by)

Cadance Hello Big Machintosh, what's going on?

Big Mac I'm gathering apples for the Gravid and Powerful Empress Trixie's coronation

Cadance Is there any way I can convince you to stop serving Trixie?

Big Mac Nnnope

Cadance What if I show you my penis? (Cadance shows Big Mac her penis)

Big Mac Nnnope, it does look cute though.

Cadance What if I let you look closer? (Cadance rears up on two legs and shoves her penis in Big Mac's face)

Big Mac Nnnope

Cadance What if I anally penetrate you with my shemale penis?

Big Mac Nnnope, although I normally would enjoy it

Cadance Does that count as permission if I were to mount you?

Big Mac Eeyup (Cadance crawls on top of Big Mac and mounts him while Big Mac continues his walk back to Sweet Apple Acres. Big Mac is nearly oblivious to Cadance's mounting of him. After she is done, Cadance walks back to Twilight's house)

Twilight Did it work?

Cadance No, I penetrated him, twice, and it still didn't work. I think he barely knew I was penetrating his anus.

Rainbow Dash This calls for drastic measures.

Spike Do you mean my idea?

Rainbow Dash No, your idea is stupid and perverted. Now, Shining Armor is immune from the effect of Trixie's pregginess because he is a gelding, what if we make all the stallion in Ponyville geldings?

Twilight You mean castrate every stallion in Ponyville? You can't be serious.

Rainbow Dash It is either that, or have every stallion be the slave of Trixie.

Twilight But castrating every stallion in Ponyville seems a little extreme.

Shining Armor Being a gelding isn't as bad as some ponies think it is, I'd choose getting my balls cut off again over being a slave to Trixie.

Rarity Wait a minute, how do we know for sure that geldings won't fall under Trixie's control? Shining Armor hasn't seen Trixie yet, so we don't know if Shining Armor is, in fact immune to the sexiness of Trixie's pregginess.

Twilight Are you suggesting we send a gelding out, to see if Trixie can control him?

Rarity Castrating every stallion in Ponyville on speculation is a bit extreme.

Shining Armor So will I be the guinea pig then?

Twilight I don't know if that would be a good idea, who knows what Trixie can do with your magic.

Rainbow Dash Wait, Fluttershy can free Spike from Trixie's control, so why don't we send Spike?

Twilight But Spike isn't a gelding.

Rainbow Dash But he can turn him into one. (Rainbow Dash starting playing with a pair of hedge clippers)

Spike AAGGG! (Spike hides behind Twilight)

Twilight I don't think that will work.

Rainbow Dash Why not? He's your slave/pet, so you can have him neutered.

Twilight I would, but Spike is a dragon. Dragons, like all reptiles, have internal testicles. Therefore, neutering him would be a major surgery. While I might consider neutering Spike in the near future, it will require a professional veterinarian.

Spike Please don't have me neutered, Twilight!

Twilight Plus, I can use the threat of neutering to keep Spike in line.

Shining Armor So we are we going to find another gelding?

Twilight Shining Armor, didn't you say that all of the royal guards are geldings?

Shining Armor Yes.

Twilight So, we can use some random, low-ranking royal guard as the test subject?

Shining Armor So if geldings aren't immune to Trixie, she won't gain much power when she takes control of him.

Twilight Good, I'll send a letter to the Princess.

Shining Armor No need, I can magically teleport a guard here (Shining Armor magically teleports a royal earth-pony guard to Twilight's house)

Guard (salutes) Sir, what are my orders, sir?

Shining Armor Soldier, do you remember the day when you became a gelding?

Guard Sir, yes sir.

Shining Armor Well, this is the day that your castration has prepared you for. A unicorn, who calls herself "the Gravid and Powerful Empress Trixie" is using the sexiness of pregnancy to control all the stallions of Ponyville for evil. Your mission is to look upon Trixie to determine if geldings are immune to the sexiness of pregnancy.

Guard Sir, what if I succumb to the sexiness of pregnancy, sir?

Shining Armor Then may Celestia have mercy on us all. Rainbow Dash will act as sentry to determine if you are in fact immune to the sexiness of pregnancy. Good luck soldier.

Guard Sir, thank you, sir. (guard salutes)

Shining Armor Raindow Dash, make sure Trixie doesn't notice you. Don't try to protect the guard, Trixie will not harm him, and we are unable free him from the power of the sexiness of pregnancy even if he is rescued.

Rainbow Dash I understand. (the guard and Rainbow Dash leave)

Rainbow Dash So, are all the guards geldings?

Guard Yes, all the male ponies in the military are gelded, why do you ask?

Rainbow Dash Does that include the Wonderbolts?

Guard Yes, well only the male ones obviously.

Rainbow Dash So, none of the male Wonderbolts have testicles?

Guard Nope. Wait, I think I hear someone coming. (Rainbow Dash hides in the bushes, while Trixie's chariot drives around the corner)

Trixie Stop, the Gravid and Powerful Empress Trixie of Preggyville has not seen you here before.

Guard You have no power over me, for I am a gelding, and immune to your vile charms.

Trixie A what?

Guard A gelding, I have been castrated for just such an occasion.

Trixie the Gravid and Powerful Empress Trixie of Preggyville does not have time for your technical jargon

Guard My balls have been cut off.

Trixie Oh. That must suck.

Guard You actually get used to it after a while. But nevermind. I am here to defeat you and evil powers.

Trixie Look upon the belly of the Gravid and Powerful Empress Trixie of Preggyville! (Trixie rears up on two legs and sticks her belly out)

Guard must... resist... sexiness... of... pregnancy...

Trixie No stallion can resist the great and powerful belly of the Gravid and Powerful Empress Trixie of Preggyville, even if you don't have balls.

Guard must... resist... too... strong... Ok, what slave task do you have for me, my Empress?

Trixie Help pull the Gravid and Powerful Empress Trixie of Preggyville's chariot.

Guard Yes, my empress. (Trixie's chariot drives forward, while Rainbow Dash sneaks away back to Twilight's house)

Part 4, the Climax[edit | edit source]

(Rainbow Dash arrives back at Twilight's house)

Rainbow Dash It didn't work.

Twilight You mean even geldings can be controlled by the sexiness of pregnancy?

Rainbow Dash Since I came back alone, it appears so.

Cadance Shining Armor, you need to get out of here before Trixie takes control of you too.

Shining Armor I'm not leaving without you.

Cadance You're just a liability here, I might be able to help.

Shining Armor I refuse to abandon my wife.

Cadance Are you going to make me pull rank?

Shining Armor Maybe.

Cadance Ok, you forced me. As a Princess of Equestria, we invoke our royal authority to order and command thee to withdraw unto Canterlot and await further orders.

Shining Armor Yes ma'am (Shining Armor salutes and reluctantly teleports away)

Twilight What do we do now? we tried duckface, farts, magic, shemale humping, and castration, and none of them worked.

Apple Jack Perhaps we all should move. I heard Appleloosa is great for apple farmin', probably a good spot for a bakery too.

Pinkie Pie I like buffalo!

Rarity Maybe I should consider relocating my dress business to Canterlot. It would place me closer to much of my clientele anyway. Twilight, maybe you could study friendship there, you would be closer to you teacher too.

Raindow Dash I'm moving back to Cloudsdale, as I kinda live there already anyway. If we raise it 10,000 feet, Trixie's belly should be out of view of any stallion pegasi living there. Maybe Fluttershy could move into the Everfree Forest closer to the animals. That would still be close to Cloudsdale.

Newt (telepathically to Fluttershy) I think it's time to tell them.

Fluttershy (telepathically to the Newt) but it's too embarrassing, and Rainbow Dash will be mad at me.

Newt (telepathically to Fluttershy) If you don't tell them, I will, you are completely out of options to defeat Trixie.

Fluttershy I'm pregnant, with a newt.

Rainbow Dash You are WHAT?!

Fluttershy Well, I saw this newt by the lake, and he wanted to enter my uterus, and I have a problem saying no, so I let him in, then he left, but inserted an egg into my uterus, so now I'm pregnant with a newt.

Rarity Ew, do you know how much that will stretch out your stomach muscles?

Rainbow Dash Do you remember what you promised me you would do if you ever got pregnant?

Fluttershy Please don't make me have an abortion, Dashie.

Rainbow Dash You promised, Fluttershy.

Fluttershy Please don't hurt my newt! (Rainbow Dash begins punching Fluttershy in the stomach)

It's abortin' time

Rainbow Dash What.. Did.. I... Tell.. You... About.. Getting... Pregnant?

Fluttershy NO! STOP! STOP!

Rainbow Dash (stops beating Fluttershy) I think that killed it. Next time, you won't let newts in your uterus.

Fluttershy You killed my womb newt!

Rarity You should be glad she killed that parasite you before it ruined your figure.

Apple Jack Yah, y'all should be thankin' Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash Fluttershy, I'm sorry I had to do that, but it needed to be done.

Fluttershy But it wasn't hurting anything.

Rainbow Dash Someday, you'll understand. I'm sorry.

Twilight Well, we better get out of here, while the getting-out is good.

Apple Jack Can y'all teleport us to Canterlot or somethin'? We can take a train from there to Appleoosa or where ever.

Rainbow Dash I think I'll fly out to Cloudsdale, and take Fluttershy with me.

Pinkie Pie What about Mrs. Cake, and Granny Smith, and all the other mares?

Cadance I don't think Trixie would have much use, or much to fear, from them. They can probably leave freely. If not, Celestia has an army to force Trixie to free them.

Twilight Spike, since Fluttershy isn't pregnant anymore, do you want to become Trixie's slave?

Spike I'll miss you Twilight, but I need to move on to a more sensual master.

Twilight Well, it has been nice knowing all of you. I guess it is time to move on.

Rainbow Dash Yes, part of life is making new friends, and adapting to new situations.

Pinkie Pie I will miss you all.

Cadance Well, we better, get going, Twilight, I need your help. (Twilight and Cadance's horns light up, and Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, Twilight, Rarity, and Cadance teleport to Canterlot. Rainbow Dash flies off with Fluttershy, and Spike goes to re-enslave himself to Trixie)

Shining Armor So, we abandoned Ponyville to Trixie, didn't we?

Cadance Unfortunately, yes.

Shining Armor That is what Princess Celestia thought would happen. Were are you all planning on settling?

Twilight Rarity and I plan on staying in Canterlot if possible, Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie are planning of going to Appleloosa. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy went to Cloudsdale, and Spike decided to stay in Ponyville, now called Preggyville, as Trixie's slave.

Shining Armor Princess Celestia has prepared a train to take some of you away from Canterlot. She says that if you plan of settling somewhere else, you should leave as soon as possible. Grouping together, at least for a while, will likely attract Trixie's attention, and Trixie's wrath.

Pinkie Pie Well, I guess this is really goodbye.

Apple Jack Y'all feel free to visit us in Appleoosa anytime, once the Princess says it's safe, of course.

Twilight I'll remember you always. (Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie leave)

Princess Celestia Greetings, Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight I failed you, my princess. Ponyville in now controlled by Trixie.

Celestia Twilight, no-one can overcome the sexiness of pregnancy. You tried your best, and sometimes, trying is but the first step to failure.

Twilight So you're saying learning from failure is just as important as learning for success?

Celestia That is correct, Twilight. Sometimes the capricious hand of fate puts you behind the 8-ball. You need to learn to change what you can, accept what you can't, and know the difference between the two. Ponyville might be controlled by Trixie now, but the important thing is that you did not compromise your morals by getting pregnant just to overcome Trixie.

Twilight But I did erotically fart on somepony, and Cadance anally penetrated Apple Jack's brother.

Celestia Well, Cadance's harlotry is her own problem, and one should not be a prude or legalist either. One must strike a balance between never compromising and always surrendering.

Twilight But I also considered castrating every stallion in Ponyville.

Celestia But did you?

Twilight No, but only because geldings weren't immune to the sexiness of pregnancy

Celestia But you didn't. Don't concern yourself with what you might do in hypothetical situations. What actually happens will create worry enough. You will probably have regrets, and if you knew then what you know now, you would have done things different. But know that I, as your teacher and sovereign, am satisfied with your performance today. Perhaps you need to think over this lesson for a while. Don't worry about Ponyville, it will give my future students a villain to overcome 1000 years from now.

Shining Armor Hey, Twilight, do you want to go get some ice cream to take your mind off today's events?

Twilight You bet, BBBFF {Big Brother Best Friend Forever} (Twilight, Cadance, and Shining Armor go get ice cream)

Cadance You know, your brother and I have been thinking about having children.

Twilight I thought you were a shemale.

Cadance I am, so, um, this might be a bad time to ask, but Princess Celestia told me to ask you this today, to get all potential worry over and done with. Anyway, we might need some, um, help having a baby.

Twilight You mean you want me to be a surrogate?

Finding meaning in the chaos is the most important life lesson

Cadance Well, I don't want to pressure you into doing it.

Twilight But wasn't today all about not getting pregnant for the wrong reasons?!

Cadance But, in theory, that wouldn't be the wrong reason, would it?

Twilight I suppose you're right, then. You know what, I would be honored to be your surrogate.

Shining Armor This might sound weird, but would you be opposed to combining Cadance's sperm with your egg? I can't produce sperm because I have no testicles, so that is the only way that the baby could be related to both of us.

Twilight That would be kinda weird, but, wanting a genetic link to our family is a reasonable desire. So I'm ok with it.

Shining Armor Thank you, Twilight, thank you.

Twilight But what does this all mean? Normally, I learn something about friendship, but I can't piece today's events together.

Cadance Do you remember lesson zero? Life does not teach on a schedule. The information you receive today might not make sense for years, or decades even. That doesn't mean it isn't relevant. That, in a way, is the most important lesson of all.

The end.

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