Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

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Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
Origins Tokyo, Japan
Year(s) active 1996–2002 2003–06 2018-Present
Genre(s) J-pop, Pop Punk,
Label(s) Kātoūn Nettowāku
Members Ami

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (Japanese: パフダディー) is a J-Pop duo composed of Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura. The duo is famous in America for performing the theme song to Teen Titans, and...not much else. All of the band's songs are written by Sam Register, after Tamio Okuda died and Andy Sturmer was arrested for sexually harassing a jellyfish.

Ami and Yumi were once two beggars on the streets with nothing to do. But one day, with the help of sleazy Hollywood midget Kaz Harad, they formed a J-pop band and skyrocketed into stardom. In America, nobody has heard of the band, yet in Japan, they're bigger than The Beatles or even Jesus. The band was created to cash in on the weeaboo bandwagon of the early-mid 2000s. Ami and Yumi were cutened-up by their agents, in an attempt to appeal to the "waifu" demographic.

Members[edit | edit source]

Ami Onuki is a loudmouth, ditzy mod girl who dresses like she's from the '60s. She loves anything girly, ranging from stuffed animals to unicorns to yaoi. In her beggar days, she stole some money and went to the cheapest hairdresser she could find, and asked the barber to give her a "white trash" look. The barber instead gave her a rose and stuck wig pompons, because it would be very hard to straighten your hair all day like that.

Yumi Yoshimura is a cynical, sarcastic punk rocker who hates everything and always tries to drag everyone around her down. In her beggar days, she stole a piece of blue crepe from a bazaar and dyed her hair, in attempt to look more attractive. When that attempt failed, she quickly became depressed and decided to kill her brother and eat her dog. Her idol is Marilyn Manson.

Kaz Harada is a sleazy, moneygrubbing midget whose possessions are usually evenly balanced out by his pimping. He constantly has to put up with Ami and Yumi's antics every episode, though much of it is brought on himself due to his douchebaggery. In his Hollywood days, he was a professional hair stylist, despite being bald.

Tour bus[edit | edit source]

Puffy AmiYumi travel all over the world in their tour bus. The tour bus seems similar to the TARDIS of Dr. Who fame; while appearing the same size as a mini-van on the outside, it's a damn mansion on the inside, being able to house the girls' rooms (including King-sized beds), Kaz's room, their equipment, televisions, computers, a jacuzzi, a tanning bed, a library, lambs, sloths, carp, anchovies, orangutans, breakfast cereals, fruit bats, and large chu.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

One day, Ami Onuki sent a demo tape to a Japanese record label in the hope of being chosen the best singer of the block. Yumi Yoshimura had also auditioned, and was known by many as the "Karaoke Geisha". A few years days later, a letter came to Ami stating that she won the competition, as their best singer died and they had no other choice.

Yumi, being the goth bitch she is, started a fight with Ami. Ami cried for 20 minutes, then made up to Yumi buying her a stack of tofu-dogs, and told her they should combine their talents and not fight over them. Thus, Puffy AmiYumi was born.

Producer Tamio Okuda marketed the band in an attempt to cash-in the newest J-pop hit sensation. The band was packaged and manufactured in a fashion similar to the winning candidates of American Idol—in other words, painstakingly carved out of frozen tofu and left to dry in government-funded plaster casters, an idiosyncratic method of pop producation which may help to explain the name of their American label.

1996–2002: Japan years[edit | edit source]

Ami and Yumi began their musical career in 1996, when they released their first album AmiYumi (yes, the Japanese don't have much creativity). Their first single, "Asia no Gaijin", sold millions of copies and benefitted from airplay on the OtakuFM radio station.

At the height of Puffy-Mania, they released three more albums: SoloSolo, Jet CD, Fever * Fever; the latter album gave many fans fevers from eating Asian chicken. That's why Ami and Yumi decided to make themselves known in the West, to seek more popularity and not repeat the error that occurred in Japan.

2003–06: American years[edit | edit source]

By 2003, as Puffy was losing popularity at home, they decided to head over to America. According to Tamio, the duo did everything they could to gain the American public's adoration. However, they were immensely unpopular, and now have several U.S. criminal records for performing the horribly irritating theme song to Teen Titans.

In a desperate attempt, the two created the animated series Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, which lasted a mere two seasons. Fans believe this was because viewers just didn't get it. But really, it's because the West's fascination with Japan had ended by 2006.

Bankrupt, Puffy AmiYumi broke up, never to be seen again.

Discography[edit | edit source]

  • "Asia no Junshin"
  • "Corega Guata Chi No Iquiru Michi"
  • "Nagisa ni Matsu guaru asdf."
  • "Moder/Gasolina"
  • "Talalan/Puffy no Tourwomen"
  • "Puffy de Cueca"
  • "Yaoi Namida"
  • "Hurricane"
  • "Planet Tokyo"
  • "Nice Buddy"
  • "Hey Hey"
  • "Tokyo I'm On My Way!"
  • "Jataracu Otoco"

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