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Rio Pacheco, the Man du Jour

This is Duran Duran's favorite song to sing on karaoke night at Dave Chappelle's house.


Watching a cartoon now, babe, you're a man with purple hair

But you're not gay, cool, I'm not sure why I would care

When I went to the toy store, there up on the shelf

You know he kind of looks like Ken

I put back my GI Joe and I bought him there and then

File:Rio doll.jpg
Oh good, you brought an overnight bag.

Musical note.pngHis name is Rio, he's a sexy plastic doll

There's no more waiting for my stupid boyfriend's call

He's made in Thailand, or maybe it's Japan

Oh Rio Pacheco, from Jem and the Holograms
Musical note.png

I popped in a VHS with my new toy by my side

Six hours watching Jem reruns, he is my fantasy

All he really needs is a new hairstyle

That Glitter 'n Gold tuxedo always makes me smile

Musical note.pngHis name is Rio and he just broke up with Jem

Forget about Jerrica in her leopard sweater-vest

Who needs them anyways, they're really the same girl

Oh Rio, Rio, hottest guy in the whole world
Musical note.png
File:Rio sexy.jpg
More than just a purple-haired Ken doll.

Hey now, wooh, season three, he just saved that girl that almost drowned

At the end of the show, you already know

I'm going to be at home, with him, in bed

Me and my hand, 'cause Rio's better than dating on Tinder

He looks like his picture

And either way I gotta buy my own dinner

Musical note.pngHis name is Rio, there's no need to wonder why

I like to play with him and dream he's a real guy

But if he was I prob'ly wouldn't be his type

Oh Rio, Rio, my dad thinks that I'm a dyke
Musical note.png

Musical note.pngHis name is Rio, he's way sexier than you

You need to work out more and dye your hair blue

Oh Rio, Rio, he is awesome in the sack

He sure makes up for all the things that real men lack
Musical note.png

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