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Good evening & welcome to the Uncyclopedia COVID Award for Best Guest Appearance in a South Park Episode! The nominees are: Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney and Brad Paisley. And the COVID goes to... George Clooney!


George Clooney has never had COVID before. This is his 20th COVID nomination. He lost his most recent COVID to Tom Hanks. George Clooney started his career in ER, for which he had 1,897 Emmy Award nominations, but no COVID ones. He continued his career with a Coen Brothers movie, in which he was very COnVInDcing, and eventually returned to TV again, but not back to South Park, because this is George Clooney's first COVID nomination for doing South Park, he probably did South Park again only in the South Park movie, for which he was never nominated.

Mr. Clooney[edit | edit source]

Wow, thank you so much for this COVID Award. This moment really brings me back to my childhood. Not many know that I was born as George Klumnik, which means "George the Bum" in Yiddish. My real parents are actually Heidi Klum and Nicholas Cage. I wish I could give this COVID to them, especially to my father, Mr. Cage. Also huge thanks to the South Park creators, Trey Parker & Matt Stone, for believing in me and lettin' me play a homosexual canine. I would not have this COVID down my throat without their love & faith.

This COVID is pretty heavy though... It's getting a little hard to talk actually. Let me try to express my strong feelings, using the Red Rocket technique. Could I get Julianna Margulies over here real quick?

Mrs. Margulies[edit | edit source]

What the Fuck do you want?

George[edit | edit source]

Please hold this COVID for me while I Red Rocket myself to express my feelings to the crowd?

Julianna[edit | edit source]

No way. I was in The Sopranos, bitch. I'll fuck you up if you don't shut up!

George[edit | edit source]

Never mind then. Well, this short break sure helped me to get over my talking problem, I think I'm okay now. So the most important thing to learn from my COVID is that South Park is so awesome. It's just such an awesome show. Even when they ripped on me for being smug. That was awesome too! And now Uncyclopedia are doing it again! This is a huge Déjà vu for me. And now, with all this COVID up my butt, I have totally lost my sense of taste. I am totally tasteless right now. I have to watch another South Park season, to earn a little taste again. South Park are currently in a COVID limbo, exactly like all the other stuff in America. Will there be school? Will there be elections? Will there be South Park? Nobody fucking knows. So I'm using this speech to shamelessly ask Trey & Matt to please, please, please make this South Park season happen. We all need you so much, guys!

And thanks again for this COVID, Uncyclopedia. Good night & Keep the Faith!

This is the seventh South Park-themed article created by me, out of 32 South Park articles overall. None of my articles were featured, though Waltz with Bashir was nominated. The first one was probably Isaac Hayes back in 2007. I have 14 non-South Park featured articles though, but they all suck ass. This is the second time I totally rip on VFH, the first one being The middle of Uncyclopedia back in 2011. I'm pretty old, but I keep on pushing forward. Go George Clooney! Go Uncyclopedia! Go South Park!