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Sunday, April 4, 2021

BJÖRKJAVÍK, ICELAND -- Icelandic musician Björk erupted Friday night as a response to the increasing Anti-Asian violence in the United States.

The Israeli rookie Deni Avdija, in his very first season playing for the Washington Magic-Bullets, is supposedly not getting the ball quite enough. It seems that no one passes the ball to Deni. Deni had to wait for the injury of NBA All-Star Bradley Beal, to get closer to a 10-points average score. All because Deni is a sexy Asian from Asia, who has started the whole COVID-19 pandemic in America, by himself. And every time Deni dunks one of his sexy dunks, I can't stop my penis from getting an erection. This is very annoying. I just hate sexy Asian people.

And Björk isn't even Asian. She's like Antarctican or some shit. This has nothing to do with Björk. Just because Björk is a little hornier than other women, it doesn't mean she is Asian. Asian women are just evil. They came to this world only to make your penis hard with their sexy little faces. And when the Asian woman is a man, it's just 10,000 times worse. Fuckin' Asians are turning me into gay now? This is unacceptable.

No one should pass the ball to Deni again, ever.

Here's a video from Björkgina, Peninsula, where you can see how the lava spreads across the entire world (Global News, YouTube):

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