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Bernardo Butterlucci, inventor of butter.

Bernardo Butterlucci (16 March 1941 – 26 November 2018) was the inventor of butter.


Butterlucci invented butter in 1900, 41 years before he was actually born in Italy. The butter is named after him.

Invention of butter[edit]

Bernardo invented butter while making a toast. The butter was very tasty.

Weird Al dispute[edit]

American musician "Weird Al" Yankovic has claimed that he was actually the inventor of butter, during the shooting of his video "Amish Paradise". This made Butterlucci very angry.


Butterlucci died yesterday. He was 77 years old. This makes butter 118 years old.


Anyone who uses butter should always cherish the magnificent Bernardo Butterlucci, the inventor of butter. Butterlucci also sexually harassed a young French actress named Maria Schneider in 1972, and totally ruined her life.

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