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K-pop supports BTS

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SOUTH KOREA -- The South Korean music industry, known as "K-pop" and lead by Bong Joon-ho AKA "Korean Bon Jovi", has declared that it supports the Nazi movement BTS. BTS is known for years for trying to convince the western world that some things are, in fact, Better Than Sex. Bong Joon-ho is also known for many years, mostly for being the best fucking musician in the world. He has released albums such as The Host & Parasite which were, in some ways, better than sex themselves. So now, South Korea is officially supporting BTS.

BTS is mostly known to be epic fail. Joon-ho, talking to UnNews in Korean, tried to explain his decision to join the movement:

The Korean translator has been unable to translate this to English, up until now. We decided to take another shot and ask Bong what, if anything, influence will the Korean support have on the world's opinion about BTS. This is what Bong's reaction sounded like:

“Turn it off, let's just focus on the sex.”

– Bong Joon-ho on BTS

We believe that Bong was referring to people using their computers for sex. Although he could have meant something else.