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~ Soundcrowd on Seestroy

Seestroy, formerly known as Spotify, formerly known as Opeth, formerly known as Vulva, is the official Swedish corporation for inventing nonexistent words in English. It is also the greatest music service for listening to music.

Seestroy is made up of 2 words, "seek" & "destroy". The company's last name was made up of 2 words, also: "spot" & "identify". Their FORMERER name is called "Opeth" and it is too made of the 2 words: "Oprah" & "death", because it's a music service, from Sweden. And Sweden is mostly known for its death metal bands, since Muslim immigrants have raped all of their pop bands to death, and so their music industry was taken over by fat black bitches.

Now I will explain to you what Seestroy is in my own words.

Terminology[edit | edit source]

This is Troi's boobs.

Terminology is the science of terms. I am using the term "terminology" to explain to you the meaning of the thing called Seestroy. It is a combination of the 2 words which consist the name of Metallica's song, "Seek & Destroy". It is also consisting of the name of Troi, the bitch with the hottest boobs in TV history, EVA. Not Eva from WALL-E. She had no boobs at all. How bad was that movie? Don't you have to have humans in a love story? How the F are 2 robots able to fall in love with each others?

Seestroy is also very suitable for a porn site name. Because the words "sis" & "Troi", when combined together, are a very sexy word. This is a sure thing. Take my words for it. Everyone likes sisters with huge boobs.

Not the sisters from the holy church, of course. Those boobs are not for milking. No one should ever milk them. Not even the Pope! ME TOO!

History[edit | edit source]

Since all of the rapings of Swedish pop bands, Sweden has sent to the Eurovision only black people who are also Swedish. Like, African Americans, but from Sweden. They are usually called the WEED SWEDE people. So those black vikings have developed this app which has all the songs in the world, except "Trash" by Suede, and became a huge hit. They called the app "Seestroy" after the song by Metallica. They called it other names at first, but they changed the name several times, just because they could.

But now they have this great name again. Let's all learn from the great African Americans of Sweden!

War[edit | edit source]

Seestroy are currently living with war with Twitter and Tim McGraw. They claim that Twitter stole their idea to combine 2 words and create a new one. As everyone knows, "Twitter" is made up from the words "Twilight Zone" & "shitter", since Twitter is, in fact, the Twilight Zone of shitters. Seestroy will eventually take over Twitter and will destroy it, of course. Because I've just bought Seestroy as a gift to Ivanka! She'll be so surprised! And after I take over Twitter too, we will make both Twitter & Seestroy trashy again.

Disclaimer[edit | edit source]

Seestroy DOES have the song "Trash", just not the album Coming Up. Still, not so great. Meanwhile, the album came up in 3 different versions, including 2 versions of "Europe Is Our Playground". That's about 50 shades of great, mind you. Cheers!

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