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Archive 1

This is the request page. Got an idea for the funniest song ever, but can't write rhymes, or play anything? Here is where you tell us your deepest, darkest desires. . . a rewrite of Harry Belafonte's Day-O, called Gay-O that describes a queer blind date? Or Selenian Rhapsody, about a gypsy living on the moon? Whatever notions your sick, twisted minds can conceive can be made into an UnTune. A lot of them probably shouldn't be, but that's a matter for future generations to untangle.

UnTunes Requests[edit]

So go ahead and place your ideas and requests below. Include as many details as possible:

  • If it's a spoof of an existing song, the title and artist of the source song.
  • The title or any lines you've come up with.
  • The theme, angle, or spin you want to put on it.
  • Any sound effects or other audio things.
  • Anything else you think will help.

Don't be shy, if it takes a couple of paragraphs to outline it, that's what it takes. More is better. Satisfaction may or may not be guaranteed, batteries not included, allow 6 to 80 weeks for delivery.

Want someone to read it loud? Want it to sound completely unharmonious? Then you better go here.

Current requests[edit]