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Completely original


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What the hell? Another Seth MacFarlane show?!

Stewie on The Cleveland Show

The Cleveland Steamer Show is a 'black' show written by a bunch of white people. Created by Seth MacFarlane when he one day thought to himself, "Ten million a year simply isn't enough. How can I make more money?" That's when he reportedly came up with the first script for The Cleveland Show, and pitched it to the network.[1] Initially, Fox ordered twenty two episodes. Then they went ahead and ordered thirteen more episodes, renewing the show for a second season, before it even aired. After which, they decided to order nine more episodes, thus brining the series total to forty four episodes. All of this coming from the same network that can't decide whether they want to renew Futurama for a full season on Comedy Central. See also what the fuck?

Premise[edit | edit source]

Cleveland Brown leaves Family Guy after they do that "he-falls-out-of-his-house-in-the-bathtub-haha-isn't-that-hilarious" gag one too many times. Now he's in the beautiful town of Crapjoke, Virginia, where he meets his old girlfriend Donna (not that Donna). Somehow they end up getting married, and now Cleveland has a bunch of crazy adventures. Cleveland also has to deal with his crazy neighbors, and his crazy children. It's a lot like some other other animated shows on Fox. The show's theme song is Cleveland Rocks which they homaged referenced stole from The Drew Carey Show.

Characters[edit | edit source]

There are a bunch of crazy and wacky characters on The Cleveland Show. All of them created by evil mastermind Seth MacFarlane. Below are a list of the most frequently recurring characters and how they fit into this wacky show.

Cleveland's family[edit | edit source]

Consuela and Donna work together.
  • Cleveland Brown — Cleveland Brown is the protaganist of the show. He... talks... very..., and makes every conversation extremely disturbing. Imagine the whitest guy you've ever known doing his worst impression of a black guy. That's Cleveland in a nutshell, or as he would say, a "nootshell". His name is Brown, because he's black... GET IT?!
  • Donna Tubbs — Donna Tubbs is Cleveland's old high school flame. Her name is Tubbs because she has a HUGE ass, and everyone knows black people have giant asses... GET IT?! Even when the series has just started, they had already managed to make over four hundred jokes about her ass. Every single one was, "Hey look! Huge ass! Haha! Most comical!" She has been married and divorced once, and has two children with her ex-husband. However, she is the most interesting character on the show.
  • Cleveland Brown Jr. — Cleveland Jr. is Cleveland's biological son, who first appeared in Family Guy. He has aged radically, and gotten really fat. This is obviously because he wasn't listening to the rules of Super Size Me, which only made him eat more fast food, and he took steroids because he couldn't wait to be an adult. Because fat people are funny. Yeah... not much else to say about this character.
  • Roberta Tubbs — Roberta is the teenage daughter of the family. Think Hayley Smith, only black, bigger boobs, and less political, that's basically her. She has no defining traits, is too uninteresting to write any episode about, and acts like a stereotypical teenage girl (or at least what thirty year old male writers think teenage girls are like). Keeping in the tradition of the show being like Family Guy at every turn, Roberta's voice actor, Nia Long, has been replaced by Reagan Gomez-Preston. Much like Meg Griffin's voice actor, Mila Kunis replaced Lacey Chabert, but remember, the show is completely original. She is also black Meg Griffin and Hayley Smith.
  • Rallo Tubbs — Rallo is Cleveland's rude, oversexed, five year old step-son, who likes looking at naked celebrities online (even male ones). He has a pet parakeet who he named Joan, because he thought it was a girl. It was not. In fact, it spoke with a male black guy's voice. You know, because black people sound hilarious. Despite being five, he looks no different than a one year old. In fact, many people have claimed that Rallo is in fact a ripoff of Stewie from Family Guy. This however, is untrue, as there is a world of difference between the two. For example:
  1. Stewie is gay, Rallo is not.
  2. Stewie is white, Rallo is not.
  3. Stewie has not given himself up to Chuck Norris, Rallo did.
  4. Stewie has used murder to get his way, Rallo has not.

As you can see they are completely 'different' characters. Why, they're as different as night and day, or black and whi... er... they're just really different is all.

Secondary characters[edit | edit source]

Yo, <insert name here>... I'm really happy for you for writin' all those articles. I'mma let you finish watchin' South Park, but Seth MacFarlane is the greatest writer of all time!
  • Tim the Bear — we all know he's smarter than the average bear, but his penis is bigger than the average bear's too. He's also a Bible Thumper and Bible Humper (don't ask)! He is a smoker, something he hides from his wife bear who, for some reason is, Arianna Huffington. It's impossible to understand what he says, but you can make out certain words like: "rat", "race", "water", "Jesus", "death", "quicksand", and "brutal cock blocker". He probably speaks like this because all Christians are idiots, or so says MacFarlane.
  • Holt RickterAnti Quagmire Holt is the fraternity boy wannabe. He is super short (think David Spade, only shorter), which is constantly joked about on the show, because everyone knows it's hilarious to make fun of short people, and it's even funnier to constantly pound a joke into the ground, even after it stops being funny.
  • Lester Krinklesac — Lester the Redneck, or Cletus Spuckler except racist, is a redneck character who does redneck things, like you know, eat dogs. Once Cletus Lester meets Cleveland, he tells him he will no longer insult black people... that lasts for about five seconds. He constantly visits the whoreshack, and occasionally even brings his son. This is basically Seth MacFarlane's perception of everyone who isn't rich like him.
  • Terry Kimple — the other character with a 1970s porno mustache. He's the good looking blond of the bunch (which isn't saying much). He works as a cable gay.
  • Kenny West — an M.C. Hammer wanna-be, who interrupted the show in mid-season, to have a rap battle with Cleveland Jr. Yes, you read that right, a rap battle. This series will leave no black stereotype left un-shown.

Reception[edit | edit source]

The series has enjoyed a mostly positive reception, and has the largest black audience the Fox Network has ever seen. Seven black people. Long time Family Guy fans love it, because it's exactly like Family Guy, while newcomers love it, because it doesn't force them to use their... uh... you know... that thing that makes you think... the one in your head... that squishy thing that looks like a noodle... oh, never mind.

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